Dominated by Dr Tawny Phone Sex Part 3!

She could see the sissy hypnosis sites he viewed regularly, the emails to Dommes and more interestingly to her, emails to Male Doms. These gave so much away about him, yes he obviously started with Fem Dommes, but her little slut to be, had also visited some Gay Masters too. On these visits to Gay Masters he’d initially backed out of prospective meetings with Masters on the first couple of attempts, like a little scared sissy. She’d see to it that never happened on her watch as his Mistress. So now she knew he was genuinely bi, even if he said gay scenes needed to be forced for his little slut brain to cope. In reality he was truly bi and just needed to be freed to be the best Sissy he could be. One BDSM contact site he was on showed his many attempts to hook up across the world on his travels. But only a few were successful, one with a couple in Toronto, a Bi Master and his female sub wife. Judging from the pathetic apology from pete after the session, all the slut had managed to do was to suck the guy off and eat the cum, but didn’t manage to go further than that in reality. As far as Tawny was concerned that was just the first fence he’d jumped, she’d demand and expect so much more from him. Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Since you want to be dressed in girl’s clothes i think I am going to dress you in some of mine and then take you out shopping and let everyone know what a little faggot you are! Matter of fact that what I should do! I am going to throw a party and invite all of your ex girlfriends for all of them so see how broken you’re and how pathetic you are and how you’re not a man and never was do you understand! With tears running down your red cheeks and you get down on your knees and start to kiss my feet and asking me not to do this! Ya right! Hahah You Are a little sissy whore who listens to what ever your mistress says don’t you sissy? Now let’s get your makeup on and brush that hair and get you all dressed for your party! So Call me for some Domination Phone sex!



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Body Worship Phone Sex!

Get over here you Submissive slut and start trying to convince me to give you my pussy! Oh by the look on your face I can tell you want just a tiny taste Don’t you The closest your ever going to get is my panties and now start worshiping my pussy like you have never before! Then after your done I am going to make your little clitty squirt all over this room and then your going to crawl on your hands an knees and lick it upl Look how obedient you are! You make your Mistress Very proud now bend over and let my lube up my huge strap on for your tight ass and I am going to fuck the living shit out of you! and stretch out your sissy holes! you will love to serve your naughty Mistress Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex!
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Crissy Loves To Regress You

I can spot a mile away every man who needs some age regression phone sex! Well it sort of happened unintentionally. A few years back I met a guy who I was head over heels for and we immediately got married. Everything was perfect and kosher for the first year or so, our lives were content. But later on down the road I couldn’t help but notice little behavior patterns that were more than just a coincidence.. Even the simple things like dressing himself in the morning or needing to make food it was like he’s a child. Some more time went by and taking care of him became a full time job But when I found all of those wet sheets stuffed in the bottom of the laundry basket I knew now what I had to do. He hid the sheets because there was pee on them and I knew exactly what was going on. I confronted him and told him that I would no longer be his wife, but now his mommy. Ever since that day it’s been easy to spot adult babies in hiding their love for abdl phone sex!



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Domination Mistress Phone Sex!

Get over here and start licking in between my toes you submissive slut! I am in a punishing mood and I don’t want you to think by my sweet voice that I am going to go easy on you! I am The mistress and I am a very strict one So start taking your time or I am going to put you back inside your cage and you will be in there until I tell you otherwise understand me? Now get up and go grab me my strap on so I an fuck you like you have been begging me to. After I place it on I have you get back down on your knees. Then I want you to open your pretty mouth nice and wide for me and take this cock in your mouth and suck it like you want me to fuck you with it! Convince me call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Domme Mommy Crissy

Can you guess what type of mommy I am? Well if you guessed humiliation phone sex mommy then you’re right! There’s nothing I love more than teaching my boys a little lesson through discipline and making them helpless against me! You won’t ever disobey your mommy again or even think of doing something else that’s naughty if you know what’s good for you! Little diaper bitches like you need to be on their best behavior to even come close to impressing this strict and stern domme mommy! Diaper changes will be once a day so be warned if you make a big mess in it after you already had your daily change then you will have to stay in that diaper for the rest of the day, no exceptions! So let’s get to it you big diaper phone sex boy and prepare for a whole new level of humiliation!
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Take My Huge Strap-On

come and get on your knees and open your mouth big and wide I have an 12 inch surprise for you since you love cock so much! My filthy cock whore! I am going to give you a nice hard face fucking and make you gag, Do you remember the safe word? Because you’re going to need it. Lets get you all ready! I am gong to hand cuff your hands above your head and the put a spreader bar between your ankles, And a blind fold over your eyes! Then I am going to walk in front of you and shove my strap- on into your mouth and thrust deeper and deeper inside your mouth. After it’s all good and wet I am going to slip it out and lean you forward onto a ball if you move a certain way, you will fall and I will smack you with my riding crop do you understand? Call me for some domination phone Sex!
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Phone Sex Cuckold Humiliation

I want you to get real close and watch while I fuck someone else in front of you, like the good cuckold phone sex bitch you are.  I want you to watch how a real man’s cock stretches out my pussy, makes it red and swollen and aching for just more cock.  I want you to look close and watch as my pussy juices slide and drip down his enormous fetish cock, making it slick and shiny.  You see how it’s even coating his thighs?  That is how turned a man can make a woman…that’s something you’ll never be able to do with that miniature penis you have. The only thing you’re good for is clean-up.  I’m going to let him cum inside me, and when we’re done I’m going to stand next to the bed with my leg up on the bed and I want you to kneel in front of me. I want you to put your mouth on my pussy and lick and suck every drop of cum from inside me.  You can’t fuck me like a man, but you can at least clear up the mess of one. Would you like to be treated like a pathetic cuckold? Call me for some domination phone sex!



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