Dominated by Dr Tawny Phone Sex Part 3!

She could see the sissy hypnosis sites he viewed regularly, the emails to Dommes and more interestingly to her, emails to Male Doms. These gave so much away about him, yes he obviously started with Fem Dommes, but her little slut to be, had also visited some Gay Masters too. On these visits to Gay Masters he’d initially backed out of prospective meetings with Masters on the first couple of attempts, like a little scared sissy. She’d see to it that never happened on her watch as his Mistress. So now she knew he was genuinely bi, even if he said gay scenes needed to be forced for his little slut brain to cope. In reality he was truly bi and just needed to be freed to be the best Sissy he could be. One BDSM contact site he was on showed his many attempts to hook up across the world on his travels. But only a few were successful, one with a couple in Toronto, a Bi Master and his female sub wife. Judging from the pathetic apology from pete after the session, all the slut had managed to do was to suck the guy off and eat the cum, but didn’t manage to go further than that in reality. As far as Tawny was concerned that was just the first fence he’d jumped, she’d demand and expect so much more from him. Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Take My Huge Strap-On

come and get on your knees and open your mouth big and wide I have an 12 inch surprise for you since you love cock so much! My filthy cock whore! I am going to give you a nice hard face fucking and make you gag, Do you remember the safe word? Because you’re going to need it. Lets get you all ready! I am gong to hand cuff your hands above your head and the put a spreader bar between your ankles, And a blind fold over your eyes! Then I am going to walk in front of you and shove my strap- on into your mouth and thrust deeper and deeper inside your mouth. After it’s all good and wet I am going to slip it out and lean you forward onto a ball if you move a certain way, you will fall and I will smack you with my riding crop do you understand? Call me for some domination phone Sex!
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You’re All Ours Part 1


I know I invited you over to hang out with me and my friends tonight and to play pool or something, how ever My friends are on their way over. I will explain to you what will go on after they arrive. After they walk in I sit you down right in front of me and say “ Undress” You have a very confused look on your face on why I am telling you this! “Don’t just stand there looking at me I want you to put on a show for us you Little Slut! Get down on your knees now! The other girls walk up to you and start taking off all of your clothes. You start struggling and trying to push us away after we get your shirt off I take some rope and tie your hand in front of you! The take a ball gag and place it in your mouth and tightened! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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So You’re Looking For A Mistress ?


Strip off all of your clothes and blind fold your self then crawl to you mistress my pet! No don’t walk to me. What did I command you to do ? Did you hear me see say walk Or crawl? ” Crawl”. Lets try this again slut! When ever I ask you a question I expect you to reply with the answer yes mistress!
Or thank you mistress? Do you understand me? “Yes Mistress”. Now every time you do now say that or disobey me you will be punished! Now undress completely and put the blind fold on and crawl to my feet! I can’t hear you! “Yes Mistress”. Good As your mistress I am going to break you down completely and make you cry! You wanna know why? “Yes, Mistress” Because you’re not a man, your more of a little bitch than a man and from here on out you’re only to be called slut or pet nothing else and when we leave the house you’re are to be kneeling by the front door with your collar and leash ready for me to put on you! And you’re not allowed to walk unless I give you the okay to do so any other time you’re to be crawling next to me. The first place we’re going to go is the adult toy store we need to pick up a few items that will be most beneficial to your training! Do you understand me? ” Yes Mistress”. “mistress, may I ask a question” ? What is your question slut?  “what all are we getting at the adult shop?” Some nipple clamps, lube, 5 different sized butts plugs and so much more! “thank you mistress!” If you wanna know what else we are getting call me for some domination phone sex!
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Where Do You Think Your Going?


Excuse me my pet! Where do you think your going? Oh sweet heart if you going to go to the bathroom, I told you you have to go in your Adult Diaper I got you! Now get on your hands an knees and come bow down in front of me and worship your Mistress  until I am pleased! You’re lucky I am doing this to you instead of your punishment, which is still to come, but first I need you to stand up I am going to lock that tiny cock of yours up in this chastity device to make sure you don’t play with yourself after I excuse you back to your cage! Aww don’t make that face. You know you’re my special submissive, But today you are to go without getting off, and you are going to be forced to wear that diaper until I say otherwise! Understand me? Good, now call me for some Domination phone Sex!



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Small Penis Humiliation


Some people like blind dates while others use them for a small penis humiliation phone sex session. You see I was on a date one night with this guy I met online. He looked like he had it all. Great looks, gorgeous smile, nice clothes, had a nice steady job going for him too. Super tall, muscular, he looked like the perfect hunk. That was until we got back to my place a were about to fuck. He pulled his pants down and I immediately was struck with a wave of disappointment, and then laughter. He literally looked like a ken doll down there! I bet my thumb was bigger than that thing he called a dick. It was so tiny it’s hard to believe a man like that could pack something so small and insignificant and still have the nerve to want humiliation phone sex!



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Dr. Janey’s Office Part 2


Time for Your Second Visit! You know the routine, go to room 3 get undressed. Put on Your robe, I am going to wash my hand and place my gloves on and be right in there. I walked into the room and see your sweet submissive self sitting on that examine table. I walk over to you, have you roll over to crawl position to take your temperature, you’re going to feel my touch as I spread your ass-cheeks apart and slide in the the thermometer. Uh-oh! It’s a little high so let me go and grab the tylenol and give you a couple to help with the fever. I Am going to Ask you to sit up all the way to the end of the table and have your testicles and chastity device hanging off the end of the table.I am going to take off the the chastity device, you’re going to feel a pinch when I apply the needle. Remember once The medicine starts working you will start working you will start feeling weaker, more stupid. And always remember I am in full control!! Call me for some domination Phone Sex !



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Sissy Slut for Mommy

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I am typically a submissive when it comes to sex, but there is something about a sissy slut that just does it for me! One of my favorite things to do is to have an obedient sissy boy that does whatever I tell him to without question! Despite my sweet demeanor, I won’t hesitate to throw you over my knee, pull your adult baby diaper down and give you several hard spankings if you misbehave! And if it takes you a while to learn your lesson, your ass will be red, hot to the touch, and singing for us by the time I’m through with you! Feminization can be so much fun for us if you are a good little sissy for me. I’ll put you in all of the finest dresses and shoes, and diapers galore! Toys and more will all be waiting for you here with me for when you’re ready to be a good little sissy girl.



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