Take My Huge Strap-On

come and get on your knees and open your mouth big and wide I have an 12 inch surprise for you since you love cock so much! My filthy cock whore! I am going to give you a nice hard face fucking and make you gag, Do you remember the safe word? Because you’re going to need it. Lets get you all ready! I am gong to hand cuff your hands above your head and the put a spreader bar between your ankles, And a blind fold over your eyes! Then I am going to walk in front of you and shove my strap- on into your mouth and thrust deeper and deeper inside your mouth. After it’s all good and wet I am going to slip it out and lean you forward onto a ball if you move a certain way, you will fall and I will smack you with my riding crop do you understand? Call me for some domination phone Sex!
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Slave Training

Wow look at this very strong man standing here! What am I going to do to break him and make him my  Fetish Sex slave? I am going to slowly break him to where I want him to be. I wanna make him cum like no other mistress has before. I will humiliate and punish him! I will keep him in a chastity at all time until his man hood no longer perks and is just a useless piece of flesh hanging from him. I also would torture his nipples and make him cry out like the little bitch he truly is, I will keep him chained until I feel like he is ready and done with his slave training. Once he is finished He will get a great reward if he was very obedient I know that he will have his good days and bad day that won’t be held against him! Call me for Domination Phone Sex!
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You’re All Ours Part 1


I know I invited you over to hang out with me and my friends tonight and to play pool or something, how ever My friends are on their way over. I will explain to you what will go on after they arrive. After they walk in I sit you down right in front of me and say “ Undress” You have a very confused look on your face on why I am telling you this! “Don’t just stand there looking at me I want you to put on a show for us you Little Slut! Get down on your knees now! The other girls walk up to you and start taking off all of your clothes. You start struggling and trying to push us away after we get your shirt off I take some rope and tie your hand in front of you! The take a ball gag and place it in your mouth and tightened! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Babysitter Phone Sex


I just started working as a Babysitter Phone Sex for a family of four. The Mom and Dad had me spend the weekend to help them with their kids. Little did I know that they wanted me more for themselves to use me as a Kinky Phone Sex whore. As soon as I put the kids to bed, I’ll take a nice hot shower and as soon as I get out the Dad is standing in front of me naked with a very hard cock.

He brings me to the master bedroom and his wife is lying in bed naked. She is playing with her wet tight Pussy Phone Sex and before you know it, I am licking her pussy while the Dad is pounding my Babysitter Phone Sex cunt. I can’t help but love being used by these two hot sexy parents. I love being a Babysitter Phone Sex whore!



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Look What You’ve Done!

311685_09I gave you a list of rules for you to follow and you leave and break them! Now come tell me what you have done! The rule you broke was no touching that extremely small penis of yours without asking me first! What shall we do about this? I think I know! Get down on your knees and start sucking on my strap-on. Make sure you get it nice and wet. You’re not doing it right! So I am going to grab the back of your head and force it down your throat until you’re  making the cute little gagging noise you do, I may even grab your nose for a split second to remind you who is in charge! Because I feel as if you forgot! Now who is your mistress? That is right I am! Now turn around and lay on the couch, while I push the side of your face into the cushion and pound you in your tight ass! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!
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The Boarder Gets Caught

Phone SexI heard the door slam.  “I’m up here”, I exclaimed to my new friend who was staying with me for a while.  You see I like to take in borders from time to time since it helps with the bills and gives me someone new to play with.  He rounded the top of the stairs and entered the guest room to me staring down at the bed and a pair of pink panties with a hole in the rear.  I looked at him as I beckoned him into the room.  “You want to explain to me why you have these in my house, young man?”  He started stuttering, “Those are my private things you can’t just go through my stuff”.  Oh yes, I can, obviously, you forgot to read the agreement you signed and had notarized as my condition of you boarding here for the summer.”  I reached for his arm and he ended up smack over my knees as I sat down at the same time.  I reached around to the front and removed his belt and set it to the side since I plan on using that in a few.  Next, while he was trying to call me every name he could think of, I pulled his jeans off and his underwear off, grabbed the pink ones on the bed and slid them up his legs and butt.  Oh yes, I would make use of that hole soon enough.  As I eyed the strap-on next to me…to be continued!  Call and let’s see what I can do to your little hole.

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Yes! Teach me a Lesson!

Serena was such a bad student. White knee highs; skirt pulled all the way up so that imagination of what was underneath, was not needed. Button down white collared shirt open with her breasts exposed with her popping her gum with attitude. Someone had to teach her a lesson. When the new teacher at the academy gave her detention, she thought it would be just another stupid detention. Serena was in for a full surprise when Miss Johnson used her ruler to bend Serena over on the side of the desk and give her the abdl-spankings she deserved. Multiple times on her bare bottom and even more on her wet pussy calling her a bad girl with every stroke. Miss Johnson dominated Serena in imaginable ways including making her get on her knees as she sucked Miss Johnson’s pussy dry and abdl-domination. Serena found a teacher who was just as bad a her. Naughty girls…



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Beg For It

bdsm domination phone sexI see the way you are looking at me from across the room. Now, is that any way for you to be staring at your abdl mommy? Maybe not in the eyes of others, but I have to say that the way it makes me feel is indescribable. I find myself wanting nothing more than to wear my sexiest outfits around the house and make sure to tantalize and tease you whenever I pass by. You look so nervous… It’s because you know that a sissy baby like you could never please a woman like me, isn’t it? The truth is, I want you too. I am sure it pleases you endlessly to hear that. But I won’t be giving it up so easily. You will beg for me before you will be given permission to have me. Get down on your knees, say please, and beg me to fuck you.




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