Dirty Mommy Humiliates You

Dirty little boys like you need to be punished.  You’re always messing up your clean diaper.  You stink up the house.  Now it’s time for me to punish you adult diaper boy.  What punishment is fitting of such a bad boi?

I know.  The next time you dirty your diaper, I’m going to invite my girlfriends over for a drink.  Then I’ll bring you out, dirty and stinking.  They all will  wonder what’s that smell.

I will laugh and say, that’s just my adult baby.  He likes to dirty his diaper and he’s being punished.  Then they will all laugh and giggle at you.

You’ll sit in the corner for the rest of the night while we sit around and make jokes about your stinky, stinky diaper.


Dirty Mommy Sophia


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