Domme Tawny


I had the most dirty MILF domination phone sex call last night that I’m still so turned on over. I love telling sissy boys to get on their knees and beg for mercy. I made him crawl all over the ground and lick the bottom of my boots. He was such a little sissy boy. I love being in control. The rush of power that comes when I get to blindfold my barely legal submissives. I made sure that he couldn’t see a damn thing with that satin over his eyes and then I unbuttoned his shirt. He had such a strong wide back and I couldn’t wait to drag my leather crop across it. I love the sound of leather hitting skin. Mmm, it just really turns me on. I made this sissy boy bend over so I could smack him with my leather riding crop. Every time the leather hit his skin he grunted. That sound turned me on more than anything and it was making me so wet! I could tell he was getting turned on by the beating so I made him crawl around and bark like a dog.

I love hot domination phone sex. It gets me so turned on. I can’t wait for the next time he calls so I can whip him like the sissy boy that he actually is.



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