In the mood for whips and chains


I’m a bit of a sadist at times. I adore the sound of a whip on tender skin. I love the smack of that paddle against your fresh ass. I long for the you begging me for more and more as I torture you with ice or candle wax.

I’ll be your dommy mommy and control everything you’re allowed to do. Make a mess in that diaper and I’ll make you wear it all day. Touch your cock without permission and I’ll stop you from cumming for a week. You get release when I say so, when I allow it. Disobey mommy Liz and I will chain you down and tickle you till you wet yourself. I will also bend you over and abuse that tight baby ass with whatever I want.

You’re my slave I will treat as you as I see fit.

Behave and enjoy my care or be bad and pay the price.


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