No Lube for you

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Hello there and welcome to my dungeon.  Are you afraid?  You should be.  Mommy Susan isn’t gentle with her Sissy boys, and there are no such things as safe words here.  Mommy will tie you down on her cold steel table and bring out my tools of ass destruction.  I don’t start slow, whats the point I always want to get straight to the fun part. Lube what is that?  Sissy boys don’t get lube, they get penetrated.  I have so many things I can shove up that tight little sissy ass of yours.  I think I will start with the wine bottle, and when I am done shoving it up your sissy ass I will make you lick it off.  I love that you can’t say no.  I know you love it, I can tell by how hard you are getting.  Mommy is going to be nice and stroke your tiny cock while I shove my giant thirteen inch dildo in your ass.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then call Mommy Susan my imagination has no limits.



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