Sex in the library


Yuki found herself in the library on a rather cold day. From where she sat, the rain from the window seemed to be aiming at her. Yet she found comfort in the rain. It matched her feelings. A sadness was etching into her soul. She’d been rejected by the guy she’d loved for years. After finally getting the courage, and finding the perfect crimson mini dress with black heels and silver earrings, she’d met Aaron and confessed her feelings to him. But he’d thrown them back in her face as if it were nothing. Now she found herself in an empty library, trapped in by the rain.

Sighing to herself, she walked to the back of the aisle and stood in the corner where the librarian wouldn’t see her cry. She’d noticed him watching her, and knew he thought she was pathetic.

As the tears rolled down her cheek, she gasped as she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. As she turned, her blue eyes met the dark caring ones of the librarian. “Hey, are you OK?” He asked with a soft hoarse voice. His kindness was clear in his eyes and Yuki could not help but tell him all that happened. The hand on her shoulder moved over to her cheek, cupping the side of her face. He brought his head closer as he whispered. “That guy wasn’t worth your time. You’re a sexy woman any guy would want..”

Yuki caught on her breath as the air became tense between them. She bit her lip as he came even closer and her body went rigid when his lips met hers, but soon she was responding to his kiss with equal passion. He tasted wonderful, and soon she was moaning as he pushed his body against hers. His hands began roaming her curvy body, cupping her breasts, grazing down her thighs. “Damn, you’re so sexy..” He murmured against her lips. His hand traveled up her inner thigh, up her dress to her pussy, which was already wet with want and desire. Unable to help himself, he rubbed her clit with his thumb and pushed his middle finger inside her, sending waves of pleasure coursing through Yuki’s body.

Soon, Yuki forgot her sadness and she began responding to her own needs. Greedily, she sucked on his tongue as her hands started undoing his soaking wet shirt. She threw the shirt to the side and started on his pants. As his pants fell to the floor, he paused, grabbing her hands as he looked into her eyes, his desire clear in his eyes as in his loins. “Are you sure you want this?” He asked her softly. Her breath was ragged as she answered. “I’ll show you how much I want this.”

She pushed him down to the floor, and started kissing him, trailing her tongue down his chin to his neck, sucking on her flesh as she moved downwards. As she came down to his navel, she felt him go rigid and knew he wanted her to do it. Taking his cock into her hands, she licked his head, teasing. As she heard a groan from him, she took in as much as she could, sucking him hard. She massaged his balls with her hands as she sucked him, moving up and down his dick quicker and quicker. He was so hot and big and raw. She was throbbing to have him inside her.

It was as if he could read her thoughts, because at that point, he pulled her from his dick and picked her up, pushing her against the bookcase as he slid his hard cock into her wet pussy. He groaned with intense pleasure as he felt her tight folds squeeze against him. “Damn.. Damn!”

Yuki hissed as he slid into her. He filled her completely. She folded her legs around him as he began moving inside her, pressing him into her. She gasped with every thrust he took. “Yes! Yes! fuck me harder!” He did as ordered and moved harder and thrust faster, wanting all of her.

The sound of books falling and their groans and screams of pleasure echoed through the library. He banged into her, his thrusts hard with need and fast with anticipation. In a fulfilling climax, he thrust into her one last time with a loud groan as he came with her. Yuki screamed softly as her body went completely still as pleasure engulfed them both. They sagged to the floor, still entwined together with the effects of their lovemaking.

Yuki forgot about the idiot who broke her heart, and her visits to the library became a regular one. She and the librarian often replayed their hot meeting on rainy days. It was something they found funny and wonderful, something they’d never forget.


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