Teasing Mistress Tawny

leather heelsCome here my slaves ! I want you to sit here and watch me with your cocks out as I slowly tease and torture that cum out of those pathetic excuse for cocks you have! Now I am going to slowly step into my leather 9 inch thin black heels your favorite ones. You know the ones I use to step on your balls with? Yes, those ones!  Now I am going to slowly take off my leather dress and let it hit the floor. Aww, look your cock is getting soo hard! Too bad its soo pathetic to look at. I mean its like you have no penis at all ! And slave number 2 I don’t know why you’re smiling your penis is smaller than his you little bitch!  Now, why don’t you come over here and take my panties off with your teeth but you better not touch my silky, smooth.. skin .. with those pouty lips of yours! understand me fag? Now be a good little whore and call me for some domination phone sex !
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