Sexy Domination: Femdom Punishment, Nasty Dommes, and Sick Fetish Phonesex!

Sexy Domination: Femdom Punishment, Nasty Dommes, and Sick Fetish Phonesex!

Sexy Domination: Femdom Punishment, Nasty Dommes, and Sick Fetish Phonesex!

Sexy Domination: Femdom Punishment, Nasty Dommes, and Sick Fetish Phonesex!

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Cold Vicious Femdom Bondage Domina
Cold Vicious Femdom Bondage Domina

NAME: Mistress Veronika

AGE: 29

STATS: 5'11"; 119lbs; 34B/28/33

FETISH SPECIALTIES: Hypnosis, Food Play, Bondage and Restraints, Female Domination and Superiority, Gags, Blindfolds, Clamps, CBT, Flogging, Caning, and Whipping, Ball-kicking, Knife and Vampire Play, Gentile Mutilation, Diaper Bondage, ABDL Play, Age Regression, Giantess, Trampling & Stomping, Extreme Black Magic Pain, Panty Stuffing, Smoothering, Smoke fetish

SEEKS SUBMISSIVES WHO: are willing to be my adoring victim while I see just how much I can make them bleed...

Mistress Veronika's Bio

I'm Mistress Veronika, but don't worry about remembering my name...I'll probably gag you anyway. My favorite kind of slave is all bound up and presented to me on a platter, with their ass, cock and balls exposed and vulnerable -- it's like Christmas for me! I love pain sluts, who can just lie there and take it when I drive myself into a frenzy while whipping or cropping them, and who will cum explosively for me when I throw aside the crop and start stomping with my combat boots.

I first realized I loved to hurt men when I was at a concert -- I got shoved down into the mosh pit and to defend myself, I had to shove, kick, and hit just as hard as everyone else does. The more I struck out around me, the hotter I got -- I finally came while stomping on a guy's hand hard enough that I know I broke some fingers. After that, it was just a matter of finding guys who would let me hurt them for my own pleasure...and pain sluts aren't hard to find. There's plenty twisted pervs like you out there, so I can use you up, break you, and throw you aside. There's always gonna be fresh meat to feed on...and I mean that literally.

In my quest for slaves, I got involved in the Goth club scene, and somewhere along the way I also picked up a taste for blood. Are you so eager to please me that you'd sit still while I trailed a cutthroat razor over the pulse in your neck...that you'd let me feed on you? Whether you want to be my willing blood donor, or just bend over for my whip, you're gonna bleed for me either way. It just depends on how much you want to suffer me and see if you can take it!

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