I was preparing for my usual yearly birthday bash with all of my closest friends and their slaves. I have a new slave I want to introduce to everyone and at the same time I want to introduce a few new things to my slave as well hahahaha. I want everything perfect…starting with the cleaning of the whole house with special attention being paid to the bathrooms; I especially want the toilets spotless. My new slave will do this with no supplies “Open your mouth!” I slapped his face and forced his jaws wide.
I reached in grabbed his tongue and pulled. “This is your supplies you worthless bitch…use that tongue for something other than sucking cock and flapping your gums!” I can’t begin to describe the look of horror on his face as it sank in that I wanted him to lick my toilets clean…all 4 of them. Poor pathetic loser thinks he’s invited to my party…wait till he finds out that his mouth will be the toilet for the night!

Mistress Morgan Le Fay
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