Fetish girls


I have two fetish girl’s who like to stay on this sadistic mistress’s good side & do as they were told.

What a couple of sick & twisted vixen’s they are in the shiny black nipple clamp’s & sheer pvc panties

they enjoy pleasuring each other with the plastic tubes I give them! What is it about bending wills to serve me that feel’s so delicious? Could it be the knowledge that I can give any of my sweet sub’s an order & they know to

not disobey or there is absolute & utter holy hell to pay!

Yes that is it.




I am a femdom mistress you will worship me & beg me to break you down!

Keep your head down and no talking or eye contact, do as I say or there will be

swift & torturous discipline that follow’s for disobeying me. Hand’s behind your back

at once you comply this is good a valued sub is an obedient participant. Hearing the click as the handcuff’s

slide on to your wrist’s you await further instruction with utter anticipation , mind racing as I open my black leather cabinet’s and choose a few paddle’s & ball gag’s. Knowing you will feel this in the morning you plan to sleep in.



Boot fetish

There is something about lacing up my shiny, black boot’s and seeing the

smile grow on your face as I do it. My sweet slave are you ready to receive a ball

crushing blow from your most malevolent mistress ?

What a pathetic display you are making as I plan to olbliterate your sweaty ball’s.

next time do what you are told in a timely manner and I will not have to teach you a

lesson and waste my precious time.

Be a good slave helpless & in need of punishment!



blood play

Could it be the intensity of the burn as the razor slice’s your inner thigh.

Perhaps you get off on the way it feel’s as the blood is flowing from a fresh cut

making roses bloom onto the soft white sheet.

You watch me as I methodically carve your new nick name into your leg

blood bitch,my dirty whore is what you are to  me.

depraved by design you struggle to focus on the light that is slowly fading

just as you lose conciousness you feel a new sting as I burn the cut and close it off.

It is not gonna be over anytime soon,you scream as I tear the cut open with blade.

I pull the knife away & it is slick and red ,last thing you see as you faint.

Mistress Veronika


sissy sluts


You naughty sissy slut you have to stop trying to hump that stiletto boot &

start behaving right now!  Oh you will regret rubbing your sissy pussy like that as

I am speaking to you,eye’s down you pathetic princess.

If you go around acting like a whiny bitch you will be treated like one.

Bend over now and grab them sweaty ankle’s so that I can pound your

pink ass with my strap-on you dirty slut! Take it all you stupid slut ,this is

what a real sissy is good for!



Castration fetish

What a dirty mind Dan has. He think’s about being caught by a crew

of wild knife wielding women that only wear leather. Once they have him they

take him to a dimly lit room & force him to his knee’s strip him bare, blindfold him then hold him down.

One very twisted girl with rough hand’s yank’s his cock out & he beg’s her to slice it off . She cut’s as the other

lady’s cheer her on.  Razor sharp she makes small slice’s then stop’s and laugh’s wickedly as she kiss’s the cut’s.

As the voice’s get louder Dan is fully hard as he feel’s the final slice & scream’s in such sweet pain.



bdsm is my game

Bdsm is my game & causing humiliation is so great!

While you grovel at my feet un-able to make eye contact I laugh

wickedly at how pathetic you try to be a big boy!

So utterly ridiculous you think you could please a girl with that tiny little peepee.

Maybe you would be better off just paying me to correct your behavior every day for the rest of your

life. What now you thinking about that dirty dream you had about me last night? Yes I know all your dark desire’s how you fantasize about binding and gagging me as you pitifully try to  have sloppy sex with me.

Grow some ball’s so I can slice them off next time we play!




The smallest cock I have ever seen !

What a tiny pee-pee when you struggle to get hard it is

crooked and ridiculous looking.

How does it feel to know you could never please any women

with that disgusting turtle head of a dick?

Is it even hard yet,difficult to tell when it is so below average size!

I will just trample it with my heel and put it out of it’s awful misery.

You do not deserve any pleasure ,what you need is delectable suffering

No you will not dream of having sex as you have no permission to cum!



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