Boot fetish

There is something about lacing up my shiny, black boot’s and seeing the

smile grow on your face as I do it. My sweet slave are you ready to receive a ball

crushing blow from your most malevolent mistress ?

What a pathetic display you are making as I plan to olbliterate your sweaty ball’s.

next time do what you are told in a timely manner and I will not have to teach you a

lesson and waste my precious time.

Be a good slave helpless & in need of punishment!



goth femdom night

I met a real sexy goth guy the other night at this goth femdom party.

It was at a big darkly lit mansion on a very vast hill the moon was full and I was ready to dominate.

He was wearing very tight pvc pants and a ball gag with nipple clamps, he walked over to me and pulled his ballgag out of his mouth and looked me up and down then he said “I would do anything to be your sub my Gorgeous Mistress.” and he started to cry what a pitiful,sexy thing.

I looked at him and gave him permission to be my sub “You’ll do” was all I said he proceeded to receive my collar and I led him on a nice tight leash introducing him as my puppy to all the other Mistress’s I saw.

My puppy kept trying to hide under my long velvet black skirts I kept kicking him out from under them.

“Bad Dog” I scolded with a laugh he will learn when I take my flogger to him.

He looked up at me with his big puppy eyes and I pet his head.

I bet he would look so cute in some shackles and chains,the twisted thoughts are endless that I am brewing.

He has no idea what he is in for.

All the care a Human puppy needs,

Mistress Veronika



a nice gag


Want to be useful to ladies in this way? To have something like this strapped to you so you would be a waiting toilet slave? Read more

Mistress Veronika

be bare


For many reasons I prefer for my subs to have smooth , hairless genitals. This is not just a rule for my sissies, but for all subs that belong to Me. I have been known to remove hair in not so pleasant ways when a boy didn’t follow my orders. If you look online for personal shavers you will find products to help you out with this.

Mistress Veronika

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