audio for slaves

It’s been a good night. I just finished up an audio session for a phone slave of mine. He said he needed a little push inbetween sessions, some way to feel close to his owner. I think this is the perfect way. When he goes to sleep he can pop in his file on his laptop and hear me reminding him of his position and his slavery. In case you were curious I do audio recordings of all kinds. Femdom and fetish stories, hypnosis audio, assignments, fantasies a little of everything. Contact me if you’d like to know more.

Mistress Veronika

be bare


For many reasons I prefer for my subs to have smooth , hairless genitals. This is not just a rule for my sissies, but for all subs that belong to Me. I have been known to remove hair in not so pleasant ways when a boy didn’t follow my orders. If you look online for personal shavers you will find products to help you out with this.

Mistress Veronika

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