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“Do you want to kiss me?” “Yes, Mistress.” “Ask me nicely.” “Please may I kiss you, Mistress, please?” Her laugh was rich with cruelty, her lips mere millimeters from his, close enough so he could feel the hot puff of her breath against his pleading tongue. “Oh, I love it when you beg.” He strained his neck, reaching for her lips, which she easily kept just out of his reach, as desire turned to desperation. “Please, Mistress…” “Oh, poor  adult baby.” Her voice dripped with mock-pity. “So close to the thing you want, but having to wait for permission. It must be so hard for you.” Her double-meaning was not lost on him as she pressed her hips more firmly into his, trapping his, indeed, quite hard cock between their bodies just as his wrists were trapped between her firm grip and the wall behind him. She brushed her lips against his, feather-light and lightening-fast, expertly teasing him while he struggled for more contact until finally, with a sob of frustration, he slumped back against the wall.”Yes Mistress.” he agreed. Call me for some domination phone sex!



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Forced Enema Phone Sex

How would you feel about me holding you down, and giving you a phone sex enema? Because I feel like that is exactly what you need.  You can fight all you want, but I will hold you down so that I can pull your pants and underwear. I will sit down and place you over my knees, bent over just like the submissive little boy you are.   You may continue to struggle a bit, but that will be when I take the paddle I have on the table next to me and swat that bottom of yours till it red, and achy and you aren’t fighting me anymore!   Once you’ve learned your lesson, I will put the paddle down and pick up the nozzle connected to the enema bag.  I’ll tease the tip past your stinging cheeks, and slowly push it past the tight muscles of your ass to slide inside you. Once it’s all the way in, I will release the clamp on the tube and start to squeeze the soapy enema inside you, and you can’t help but start to get hard as the pressure builds inside you! I would love to tell you what happens next! Call me for some enema domination phone sex!



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Cuckold Humiliation

My husband should be home very soon so let’s begin my husbands fetish sex! I am very excited to fuck my husband’s best friend. As I start removing my panties my husband walks in the door. He has this very confused look on his face. Baby, you are going to sit in that chair and watch your best friend fuck your wife with his enormous cock like the cuckold phone sex bitch you are! I looked at my husband and he got very excited! The best friend pulled me by my long blond hair and through me on the bed and shoved his huge cock inside of my wet pussy! I shouted out to my husband “you like watching while your wife gets fucked? Look at my juices run down my leg, this big cock is making my pussy get so red and it’s starting to ache due to the fullness of his throbbing cock going in and out of my tight wet pussy.” His huge fetish cock is something you will never have. So, you will clean up this mess with your tongue only! Start licking you dirty bitch! Call me now for some domination phone sex!



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Phone Sex Cuckold Humiliation

I want you to get real close and watch while I fuck someone else in front of you, like the good cuckold phone sex bitch you are.  I want you to watch how a real man’s cock stretches out my pussy, makes it red and swollen and aching for just more cock.  I want you to look close and watch as my pussy juices slide and drip down his enormous fetish cock, making it slick and shiny.  You see how it’s even coating his thighs?  That is how turned a man can make a woman…that’s something you’ll never be able to do with that miniature penis you have. The only thing you’re good for is clean-up.  I’m going to let him cum inside me, and when we’re done I’m going to stand next to the bed with my leg up on the bed and I want you to kneel in front of me. I want you to put your mouth on my pussy and lick and suck every drop of cum from inside me.  You can’t fuck me like a man, but you can at least clear up the mess of one. Would you like to be treated like a pathetic cuckold? Call me for some domination phone sex!



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Mother hates Liars


I’m going to ask you one more time. Who broke my favorite tea cup? If it wasn’t you then who. You and I are the only two who live in this house. If you didn’t do it then you must have had someone else in this house without permission might I add. WHO BROKE IT?! Come here you lying little shit! Take off your pants and boxers now, over my knee. I’m leather whip. This is the fourth time I’m going to ask you this, who broke my cup! I whip you hard, three times. No answer. Ok. I take out my wooden paddle. Who did it? Nothing. Then you feel the freezing cold sting of my steel paddle across your ass. You scream “No, please mistress! I’ll tell you! Please I dont like that one!” I shout at you “You’re not supposed to like this you stupid slut” “I did it ma’am, I broke it. I wanted to be fancy like you!” I hit you once more! Don’t you ever touch my shit again!



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Welcome To My Playroom

phonesexNow that you’re in here its time to play! Now walk over here and lay down on this table and I am going to strap you onto it where I have full access to your body but you can’t move, which mean’s you have to surrender yourself to me! I’m going to take and place the ball gag into your mouth so you can’t scream too loud.
I want you to feel helpless and out of control I want to watch your body try to squirm and wiggle, but no matter what you can’t break free! Now I am going to take some hot water and start to pour little trails up and down your tummy and chest! I hear you groan out loud. Aww, you poor little whore does that hurt! I can’t understand
you with that ball gag in your mouth! In one hand I have the wax and in the other, I have a nipple clamp. I am going to pour the nice hot wax down your chest and tummy then at the same time I am going to add the nipple clamp on your nipple. That feels good doesn’t it? I can see your cock starting to get nice and hard for me! But remember
you have to ask permission to cum! I add the other nipple clamp on you and pour some hot wax next to your erection and I see you start to try to pull away and I grab a hold of my whip and lightly give you a little smack across your tummy to let you know to quit moving! Every time I smack you with the whip it will get harder and sting way more
and we don’t want that do we! Didn’t think so! I squat next to your tight ass and lube up my medium sized butt plug and gently shove it up your ass I hear you moan out louder! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!
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The Boarder Gets Caught

Phone SexI heard the door slam.  “I’m up here”, I exclaimed to my new friend who was staying with me for a while.  You see I like to take in borders from time to time since it helps with the bills and gives me someone new to play with.  He rounded the top of the stairs and entered the guest room to me staring down at the bed and a pair of pink panties with a hole in the rear.  I looked at him as I beckoned him into the room.  “You want to explain to me why you have these in my house, young man?”  He started stuttering, “Those are my private things you can’t just go through my stuff”.  Oh yes, I can, obviously, you forgot to read the agreement you signed and had notarized as my condition of you boarding here for the summer.”  I reached for his arm and he ended up smack over my knees as I sat down at the same time.  I reached around to the front and removed his belt and set it to the side since I plan on using that in a few.  Next, while he was trying to call me every name he could think of, I pulled his jeans off and his underwear off, grabbed the pink ones on the bed and slid them up his legs and butt.  Oh yes, I would make use of that hole soon enough.  As I eyed the strap-on next to me…to be continued!  Call and let’s see what I can do to your little hole.

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Bound On All Fours

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You’re not going to like this,” I said, as I led my blindfolded sissy slave to the living room where my brand new stockade was waiting to make him my bitch.  I had him kneel on all fours while I secured the collar that held his head in place.  Then I locked his ankles and wrists, hearing his breath coming raggedly, seeing his rising excitement as his little pink loser cock stood erect for me.  I pinched it hard and heard him yelp.  No more of that!  I forced a ball gag in his mouth, and as he started to drool I went around back, where his vulnerable little asshole awaited my abuse.  A hard crack with the crop and he strained away from me, the worm.  Haha!  I knelt behind him and shoved a good-sized plug in his ass.  A few more cracks of the riding crop accompanied by a few muffled moans.  I shoved my pussy in his face, and pissed on my sissy slave, then I left him there like that, while I went to make myself a drink.



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