Cum Slut Phone Sex

I know that you would make a good little cum slut for your phone sex mistress.  And you know it too, don’t you?  You fantasize about being on your knees, begging so prettily for the massive cocks that you want to stretch you out. You dream of your throat being coated in cum, of having it leak out of the corners of your mouth when you can’t swallow anymore. You want your jaw to ache, your to be lips raw from friction, throat sore from being pounded into, over and over again.  Your ass will burn, from being so well-used.  Cum will pour out of it, trickling down your thighs, collecting in a small puddle between your sore knees. You will be a bundle of pain, aches, and soreness…and you would ask for more. More to fill you, use you, make you cry out loud. Will it be pain, pleasure, or both? How would you like some domination phone sex like this? Call me, and tell me how you would beg like the phone sex cum slut you want to be.



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Fucked by Mommy

Strap on phone sex

Who is your mommy? I am. Dont’ you forget it! No get on your knees and take this huge strap on in your throat! NOW! I don’t want to hear your please! I’m telling you to do it now! *WAAP!!* If you keep ignoring my demands I’m gonna break this paddle on your bottom! I’m not playing with you! That a boy! Take it deeper than you have ever taken mommy’s dick! Oh what a good boy. Now get up on the bed!*WAAAP!* Hurry up! I don’t have all day! I ram my huge mommy dick into your tiny little asshole, making you yelp. That’s it you little sissy slut! Take mommy’s 9 inch strap on! Are you!? OMG!? NO!! You are disgusting!! I can’t believe you shit all over my brand new toy! I pull you by the arm and throw you to the ground, straddle your chest and force you to clean it with your tongue! That’s what a nasty little slut gets!



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So You’re Looking For A Mistress ?


Strip off all of your clothes and blind fold your self then crawl to you mistress my pet! No don’t walk to me. What did I command you to do ? Did you hear me see say walk Or crawl? ” Crawl”. Lets try this again slut! When ever I ask you a question I expect you to reply with the answer yes mistress!
Or thank you mistress? Do you understand me? “Yes Mistress”. Now every time you do now say that or disobey me you will be punished! Now undress completely and put the blind fold on and crawl to my feet! I can’t hear you! “Yes Mistress”. Good As your mistress I am going to break you down completely and make you cry! You wanna know why? “Yes, Mistress” Because you’re not a man, your more of a little bitch than a man and from here on out you’re only to be called slut or pet nothing else and when we leave the house you’re are to be kneeling by the front door with your collar and leash ready for me to put on you! And you’re not allowed to walk unless I give you the okay to do so any other time you’re to be crawling next to me. The first place we’re going to go is the adult toy store we need to pick up a few items that will be most beneficial to your training! Do you understand me? ” Yes Mistress”. “mistress, may I ask a question” ? What is your question slut?  “what all are we getting at the adult shop?” Some nipple clamps, lube, 5 different sized butts plugs and so much more! “thank you mistress!” If you wanna know what else we are getting call me for some domination phone sex!
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Dr. Janey’s Office Part 2


Time for Your Second Visit! You know the routine, go to room 3 get undressed. Put on Your robe, I am going to wash my hand and place my gloves on and be right in there. I walked into the room and see your sweet submissive self sitting on that examine table. I walk over to you, have you roll over to crawl position to take your temperature, you’re going to feel my touch as I spread your ass-cheeks apart and slide in the the thermometer. Uh-oh! It’s a little high so let me go and grab the tylenol and give you a couple to help with the fever. I Am going to Ask you to sit up all the way to the end of the table and have your testicles and chastity device hanging off the end of the table.I am going to take off the the chastity device, you’re going to feel a pinch when I apply the needle. Remember once The medicine starts working you will start working you will start feeling weaker, more stupid. And always remember I am in full control!! Call me for some domination Phone Sex !



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The Boarder Gets Caught

Phone SexI heard the door slam.  “I’m up here”, I exclaimed to my new friend who was staying with me for a while.  You see I like to take in borders from time to time since it helps with the bills and gives me someone new to play with.  He rounded the top of the stairs and entered the guest room to me staring down at the bed and a pair of pink panties with a hole in the rear.  I looked at him as I beckoned him into the room.  “You want to explain to me why you have these in my house, young man?”  He started stuttering, “Those are my private things you can’t just go through my stuff”.  Oh yes, I can, obviously, you forgot to read the agreement you signed and had notarized as my condition of you boarding here for the summer.”  I reached for his arm and he ended up smack over my knees as I sat down at the same time.  I reached around to the front and removed his belt and set it to the side since I plan on using that in a few.  Next, while he was trying to call me every name he could think of, I pulled his jeans off and his underwear off, grabbed the pink ones on the bed and slid them up his legs and butt.  Oh yes, I would make use of that hole soon enough.  As I eyed the strap-on next to me…to be continued!  Call and let’s see what I can do to your little hole.

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Learning to be a Sissy

sissy abdl adult baby diaper lover mommy milf phone sex role play taboo fetish

Well hello there, sweetie… If I had to guess by looking at that expression on your face, I would say that someone was interested in learning how to become the perfect little sissy slut for your favorite ABDL mommy. Awww… I knew I was right. Mommies always are! First thing, we need to get you out of those boyish clothes and slip you into something pretty! You will always wear the lovely dresses and ruffled panties that mommy buys for you. We are going to let your hair grow out to be long and beautiful so mommy can braid it. We are going all the way with your feminization, little one. Mommy is going to get you trained and well behaved. When we walk down the street, no one will even know that the little sissy clit between your legs used to be called a peepee! Be a good girl for mommy!




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Bound On All Fours

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You’re not going to like this,” I said, as I led my blindfolded sissy slave to the living room where my brand new stockade was waiting to make him my bitch.  I had him kneel on all fours while I secured the collar that held his head in place.  Then I locked his ankles and wrists, hearing his breath coming raggedly, seeing his rising excitement as his little pink loser cock stood erect for me.  I pinched it hard and heard him yelp.  No more of that!  I forced a ball gag in his mouth, and as he started to drool I went around back, where his vulnerable little asshole awaited my abuse.  A hard crack with the crop and he strained away from me, the worm.  Haha!  I knelt behind him and shoved a good-sized plug in his ass.  A few more cracks of the riding crop accompanied by a few muffled moans.  I shoved my pussy in his face, and pissed on my sissy slave, then I left him there like that, while I went to make myself a drink.



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Sissy Training with Mommy Liz


Something about watching a strong masculine man breaking, makes me so horny. Especially if I’m the one to do the breaking. Being Mistress Liz gives me that satisfaction. I love training men to be the ultimate sissys. I tie you up and kick you in the sissy balls, because you have no need for those anymore. I encase your dick in a cuckold and do everything to tempt you to get hard but you know if you do, it’ll hurt in the cuckold. This turns your little cock into a little sissy clit. I break you until every last ounce of masculinity has left you. During the day I place you in a cute pink babydoll dress with all the Ruffles and frills and underneath will be sexy black lace lingerie to humiliate you even further. And at night, before you go to bed, I tie you up and bind your hands and feet and place you in a pink bambinos diaper. I then place my panties on you head, so they smother your face. It’ll be a constant reminder of your life as a sissy from now on




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