Bound On All Fours

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You’re not going to like this,” I said, as I led my blindfolded sissy slave to the living room where my brand new stockade was waiting to make him my bitch.  I had him kneel on all fours while I secured the collar that held his head in place.  Then I locked his ankles and wrists, hearing his breath coming raggedly, seeing his rising excitement as his little pink loser cock stood erect for me.  I pinched it hard and heard him yelp.  No more of that!  I forced a ball gag in his mouth, and as he started to drool I went around back, where his vulnerable little asshole awaited my abuse.  A hard crack with the crop and he strained away from me, the worm.  Haha!  I knelt behind him and shoved a good-sized plug in his ass.  A few more cracks of the riding crop accompanied by a few muffled moans.  I shoved my pussy in his face, and pissed on my sissy slave, then I left him there like that, while I went to make myself a drink.



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