Pantyhose Domination Phone Sex Part 1

Get down on your hands and knees right now and worship my feet and legs if you even think you going to get close to your mistress’s wet pussy., I watch as you get down on your hands and knees. Oh my look at you on your hands and knees like a baby how pathetic see i know you’re not a man! What man would just get on his hand and knees like that? A real man is who gets my pussy not a sissy! Aww look at you crawling around kissing my feet butt ass naked lol and you still think you’re a man hahaha what a joke. Do you like my panty hose hm? I know you like the black nylon ones i like to wear hehe. Or would you rather be the one who is wearing them. I mean you might as well wear them because that’s the closest to my crotch as you’re ever going to get! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Forced Feminization Phone Sex

Since you want to be dressed in girl’s clothes i think I am going to dress you in some of mine and then take you out shopping and let everyone know what a little faggot you are! Matter of fact that what I should do! I am going to throw a party and invite all of your ex girlfriends for all of them so see how broken you’re and how pathetic you are and how you’re not a man and never was do you understand! With tears running down your red cheeks and you get down on your knees and start to kiss my feet and asking me not to do this! Ya right! Hahah You Are a little sissy whore who listens to what ever your mistress says don’t you sissy? Now let’s get your makeup on and brush that hair and get you all dressed for your party! So Call me for some Domination Phone sex!



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Bound On All Fours

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You’re not going to like this,” I said, as I led my blindfolded sissy slave to the living room where my brand new stockade was waiting to make him my bitch.  I had him kneel on all fours while I secured the collar that held his head in place.  Then I locked his ankles and wrists, hearing his breath coming raggedly, seeing his rising excitement as his little pink loser cock stood erect for me.  I pinched it hard and heard him yelp.  No more of that!  I forced a ball gag in his mouth, and as he started to drool I went around back, where his vulnerable little asshole awaited my abuse.  A hard crack with the crop and he strained away from me, the worm.  Haha!  I knelt behind him and shoved a good-sized plug in his ass.  A few more cracks of the riding crop accompanied by a few muffled moans.  I shoved my pussy in his face, and pissed on my sissy slave, then I left him there like that, while I went to make myself a drink.



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Sissy 4

collection_different_types_sextoys_including_dildo_vibrators_cg9p3108335c_thThe girlfriends and I are out shopping today. We are at the adult toy store looking at vibrators, cock rings, and other naughty and fun toys. We are all wanting to buy new vibrators. Now my vibrator is not going to be for me. It will be for my adult sissy baby. He is doing well in his sissy training and this is just one of the next steps. Now the next time he does something that is bad I am going to make him punish himself with a dildo that I already have at home for him, then the vibrator all while I watch and make sure he does it and does it right.  I also have found a beautiful pink lacy nighty with matching panties that I know he will adore. He loves the dressing up now and before too long he will also love the play that goes along with it. My sissy is just getting started and all the best is yet to come. Call Tawny 888-430-2010VG1001-059

Sissy Slut for Mommy

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I am typically a submissive when it comes to sex, but there is something about a sissy slut that just does it for me! One of my favorite things to do is to have an obedient sissy boy that does whatever I tell him to without question! Despite my sweet demeanor, I won’t hesitate to throw you over my knee, pull your adult baby diaper down and give you several hard spankings if you misbehave! And if it takes you a while to learn your lesson, your ass will be red, hot to the touch, and singing for us by the time I’m through with you! Feminization can be so much fun for us if you are a good little sissy for me. I’ll put you in all of the finest dresses and shoes, and diapers galore! Toys and more will all be waiting for you here with me for when you’re ready to be a good little sissy girl.



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Sissy’s New Pampers



My sissy baby faggot loves his new pink diapers. They look so cute around his hot little rounded ass. Daddy comes home and sees his new diapers and his pee pee starts getting hard. I think daddy wants to play with his abdl slut




sissy sluts


You naughty sissy slut you have to stop trying to hump that stiletto boot &

start behaving right now!  Oh you will regret rubbing your sissy pussy like that as

I am speaking to you,eye’s down you pathetic princess.

If you go around acting like a whiny bitch you will be treated like one.

Bend over now and grab them sweaty ankle’s so that I can pound your

pink ass with my strap-on you dirty slut! Take it all you stupid slut ,this is

what a real sissy is good for!



sissy takes a strap on

Sissy take your strap on like a good slut.

Bend over and show me your pink hole I know just

what I have to do. Grab your ankle’s and tell mistress

how hard you wanna be pounded, very nice now beg me for

more kinky fuckery. Such a naughty sissy you did not double diaper

now you have gone and made such a mess out of the dress after I finished

your strap on training. tsk tsk guess it’s time for more punishment.



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