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I don’t think all you losers understand how good I am when it comes to  cuckold phone sex. I am the most stern domme you’ll meet and I’m heartless when it comes to cuckolding my little fluffer bitches,This week I decided to bring a black guy home with the most hung piece or horse meat he called a cock! That itself was a horse cock if I’ve seen one! And of course I wanted to saddle up on that nice black cock and take a ride on it myself but I didn’t want to be the one getting it hard! So that’s when my trusty cuckold bitch came in. He was eager to be my cuckold fluffer bitch boy and now he’s servicing that horse cock so that I can enjoy watching him perform fluffer phone sex.



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Cuckold Humiliation

My husband should be home very soon so let’s begin my husbands fetish sex! I am very excited to fuck my husband’s best friend. As I start removing my panties my husband walks in the door. He has this very confused look on his face. Baby, you are going to sit in that chair and watch your best friend fuck your wife with his enormous cock like the cuckold phone sex bitch you are! I looked at my husband and he got very excited! The best friend pulled me by my long blond hair and through me on the bed and shoved his huge cock inside of my wet pussy! I shouted out to my husband “you like watching while your wife gets fucked? Look at my juices run down my leg, this big cock is making my pussy get so red and it’s starting to ache due to the fullness of his throbbing cock going in and out of my tight wet pussy.” His huge fetish cock is something you will never have. So, you will clean up this mess with your tongue only! Start licking you dirty bitch! Call me now for some domination phone sex!



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Phone Sex Cuckold Humiliation

I want you to get real close and watch while I fuck someone else in front of you, like the good cuckold phone sex bitch you are.  I want you to watch how a real man’s cock stretches out my pussy, makes it red and swollen and aching for just more cock.  I want you to look close and watch as my pussy juices slide and drip down his enormous fetish cock, making it slick and shiny.  You see how it’s even coating his thighs?  That is how turned a man can make a woman…that’s something you’ll never be able to do with that miniature penis you have. The only thing you’re good for is clean-up.  I’m going to let him cum inside me, and when we’re done I’m going to stand next to the bed with my leg up on the bed and I want you to kneel in front of me. I want you to put your mouth on my pussy and lick and suck every drop of cum from inside me.  You can’t fuck me like a man, but you can at least clear up the mess of one. Would you like to be treated like a pathetic cuckold? Call me for some domination phone sex!



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Cuckold Phonesex


I’m always been asked this question by a number of submissive men who have called me for cuckold phone sex. “What is the ideal cuckold for you?” they would ask me. Well, that answer differs depending on the femdom you’re talking to. We all have our own preferences and tastes on what we picture to be the perfect cuckold. Me myself, I think that a cuckold should always be willing to participate whenever one of my lovers is over pleasuring me. He should be attentive and ready to provide any service I may ask of him. First off, he needs to get my lovers cock nice and hard for me because I don’t feel like doing all the work. He’ll also need to be willing to play clean up crew afterwards when my lovers are finished with me. He needs to be able to lick the cum out of my pussy. That is true submission and that’s what I require during a cuckold phone sex session.




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Sissy Training with Mommy Liz


Something about watching a strong masculine man breaking, makes me so horny. Especially if I’m the one to do the breaking. Being Mistress Liz gives me that satisfaction. I love training men to be the ultimate sissys. I tie you up and kick you in the sissy balls, because you have no need for those anymore. I encase your dick in a cuckold and do everything to tempt you to get hard but you know if you do, it’ll hurt in the cuckold. This turns your little cock into a little sissy clit. I break you until every last ounce of masculinity has left you. During the day I place you in a cute pink babydoll dress with all the Ruffles and frills and underneath will be sexy black lace lingerie to humiliate you even further. And at night, before you go to bed, I tie you up and bind your hands and feet and place you in a pink bambinos diaper. I then place my panties on you head, so they smother your face. It’ll be a constant reminder of your life as a sissy from now on




50 Shades of MILF Phone Sex


Yes, I too read the BDSM novel 50 Shades of Gray. The domination and submission play of power between Christian and Anastasia was enough to bring goosebumps to my skin as I read through the book. It was so sexy. He had her in all sorts of compromising situations, but he never gave her the chance to deny him. He was her master, first and foremost. And she loved it. I know I would if I were ever in her position. Who wouldn’t want to be dominated, used, and abused by a hot man who is richer than God himself? I would love for someone who is in the mood to come and take me by force. Make me your little slut and do whatever you want with me. I want to feel like an object of your most carnal desires. All of your frustrations you can take out on me. I am tougher than I look! I promise I can take it… And I will do it willingly too. I will be such a good girl for my master, and do everything that is asked of me without ever daring to question him. I will dress up in sexy clothes around the house while I cook and clean and rub his feet for him during breakfast. And when he returns home from work to a clean house and a meal fit for a king, he will eat his fill of dinner and then eat his fill of me. And I will all too happily accept. Domination is fun for me to do on my good little sissies but sometimes mommy likes to be bent over and spanked like a whore! It’s wonderful, you must agree because I can see the look on your face now. Eying me like I am a piece of meat for you to sink your teeth into… I can’t say no!

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Sissy Slut for Mommy

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I am typically a submissive when it comes to sex, but there is something about a sissy slut that just does it for me! One of my favorite things to do is to have an obedient sissy boy that does whatever I tell him to without question! Despite my sweet demeanor, I won’t hesitate to throw you over my knee, pull your adult baby diaper down and give you several hard spankings if you misbehave! And if it takes you a while to learn your lesson, your ass will be red, hot to the touch, and singing for us by the time I’m through with you! Feminization can be so much fun for us if you are a good little sissy for me. I’ll put you in all of the finest dresses and shoes, and diapers galore! Toys and more will all be waiting for you here with me for when you’re ready to be a good little sissy girl.



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Sissy Phone Sex With Jenna

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I just love when my sissy phone sex callers want to get on cam and show me how pretty they look in their diapers and sissy dress. I have one sissy slut who likes to call me when his wife is at work. You see she has no idea that her husband is a big sissy fag who fantasizes about sucking big dirty cocks!

I make my sissy get all dressed up for me on cam, then I make him poop his diaper so I can watch and make fun of him. Then I have him lay back and open his diaper and fuck his ass with a pink dildo. After that, with the dildo still in his sissy fag pussy, I make him jerk his little baby size dick in his diaper until he squirts his little clit sized peepee in his pink diaper.

How about you? Are you a little sissy bitch in disguise? Pretending to be a man when deep down inside you dream about being a little cum guzzling, sissy cock whore!

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