Sissy Training with Mommy Liz


Something about watching a strong masculine man breaking, makes me so horny. Especially if I’m the one to do the breaking. Being Mistress Liz gives me that satisfaction. I love training men to be the ultimate sissys. I tie you up and kick you in the sissy balls, because you have no need for those anymore. I encase your dick in a cuckold and do everything to tempt you to get hard but you know if you do, it’ll hurt in the cuckold. This turns your little cock into a little sissy clit. I break you until every last ounce of masculinity has left you. During the day I place you in a cute pink babydoll dress with all the Ruffles and frills and underneath will be sexy black lace lingerie to humiliate you even further. And at night, before you go to bed, I tie you up and bind your hands and feet and place you in a pink bambinos diaper. I then place my panties on you head, so they smother your face. It’ll be a constant reminder of your life as a sissy from now on




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