Shit Slave


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I had an awesome time at the beach today with my submissive slave. It started out by us laying out in the sun on our beach towels, shaded by our umbrellas. It was a pretty warm day and hardly anyone was around us so my sub thought that meant he could take a nap. How dare he fall asleep on a sexy seductive femdom such as myself? So you know what I did? I buried him up to the head in sand. Once he was completely trapped beneath it I took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching but the coast looked clear. Finally I dropped my bathing suit bottoms and squatted over his face, suffocating him with my pussy, as I started to piss in his mouth. I started grinding into him as he woke up, panicking when he realized he couldn’t move. Such a naive little toilet slave, what did you think, just because were in public you think you wont be used?



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