Shit Slave


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I had an awesome time at the beach today with my submissive slave. It started out by us laying out in the sun on our beach towels, shaded by our umbrellas. It was a pretty warm day and hardly anyone was around us so my sub thought that meant he could take a nap. How dare he fall asleep on a sexy seductive femdom such as myself? So you know what I did? I buried him up to the head in sand. Once he was completely trapped beneath it I took a quick look around to see if anyone was watching but the coast looked clear. Finally I dropped my bathing suit bottoms and squatted over his face, suffocating him with my pussy, as I started to piss in his mouth. I started grinding into him as he woke up, panicking when he realized he couldn’t move. Such a naive little toilet slave, what did you think, just because were in public you think you wont be used?



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IMG_3631You think you bold enough to take me on do you bold enough to speak out against what i say.Well guess what faggot dust you will never be bold enough to have a voice and to even have the nerve to say what you really want that is because i am your voice in your head and you know what it says all the time even in your sleep you hear me speaking to you.Telling you just what you are in the daylight hours as well as night time.That you are nothing but air blowing around something taking up space a speck in this world is all you really are.Just something that is to be stepped on ignored so you see you will never be Bold enough.



Dog Training

In need of some serious training you little dirt slave will be taught just exactly where your place really is and that is on your knees at my feet.Because that is the only place you deserve to be.My slave needs to be prepared to support me in the manor i deserve to be do all of the cleaning and errans.And when anyone comes around to visit your Mistress be prepared to be on your knees awaiting to be told what is expected of you or else take the punishment you will receive which will  be very harsh.Now are you ready to serve your Mistress?


I enjoy making your life sexual filled with pain and pleasure

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