Silk stockings and Mommy Michelle’s fabulous legs

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I just love silk stockings and garters.  Nothing makes me feel sexier or more POWERFUL.

Especially when your down on your knees, quivering with anticipation. Begging for just one touch, one feel of that silky smooth heaven.

Will I allow you that touch? And if I do, will I allow you to go further?

Come closer my pet and show me how you will worship my divine legs. So long and lean. Perfectly muscled yet so soft, encased in all that silk.

I see your cock growing stiff at the thought of stroking your hands…and other parts, up and down. Lightly grazing my sweet spot as I smack your hand away and force you down onto the floor.

What will I do next? Can you stand the wait?



Dog Training

In need of some serious training you little dirt slave will be taught just exactly where your place really is and that is on your knees at my feet.Because that is the only place you deserve to be.My slave needs to be prepared to support me in the manor i deserve to be do all of the cleaning and errans.And when anyone comes around to visit your Mistress be prepared to be on your knees awaiting to be told what is expected of you or else take the punishment you will receive which will  be very harsh.Now are you ready to serve your Mistress?


I enjoy making your life sexual filled with pain and pleasure

LiL Doggie

Oh yes i will force you to be my lil doggie that will grovel at my feet lick them take care of them as i see fit.I will fit you with a collar and leash that will get tighter as you resist and you dont want that do you laughing.

You will be forced to be a slut dog if i see fit and if your bad doggie i will take you for walks along the park and make you eat other doggie’s poop sound good doesnt it i know your sitting there thinking oh that sounds so good to eat another dogs shit as i walk you along the park and you down on  all fours eating along the way.

Mistress Morgan

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