Bratty Domme Phone Sex!

“Do you want to kiss me?” “Yes, Mistress.” “Ask me nicely.” “Please may I kiss you, Mistress, please?” Her laugh was rich with cruelty, her lips mere millimeters from his, close enough so he could feel the hot puff of her breath against his pleading tongue. “Oh, I love it when you beg.” He strained his neck, reaching for her lips, which she easily kept just out of his reach, as desire turned to desperation. “Please, Mistress…” “Oh, poor  adult baby.” Her voice dripped with mock-pity. “So close to the thing you want, but having to wait for permission. It must be so hard for you.” Her double-meaning was not lost on him as she pressed her hips more firmly into his, trapping his, indeed, quite hard cock between their bodies just as his wrists were trapped between her firm grip and the wall behind him. She brushed her lips against his, feather-light and lightening-fast, expertly teasing him while he struggled for more contact until finally, with a sob of frustration, he slumped back against the wall.”Yes Mistress.” he agreed. Call me for some domination phone sex!



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Babysitter Phone Sex


I just started working as a Babysitter Phone Sex for a family of four. The Mom and Dad had me spend the weekend to help them with their kids. Little did I know that they wanted me more for themselves to use me as a Kinky Phone Sex whore. As soon as I put the kids to bed, I’ll take a nice hot shower and as soon as I get out the Dad is standing in front of me naked with a very hard cock.

He brings me to the master bedroom and his wife is lying in bed naked. She is playing with her wet tight Pussy Phone Sex and before you know it, I am licking her pussy while the Dad is pounding my Babysitter Phone Sex cunt. I can’t help but love being used by these two hot sexy parents. I love being a Babysitter Phone Sex whore!



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Look What You’ve Done!

311685_09I gave you a list of rules for you to follow and you leave and break them! Now come tell me what you have done! The rule you broke was no touching that extremely small penis of yours without asking me first! What shall we do about this? I think I know! Get down on your knees and start sucking on my strap-on. Make sure you get it nice and wet. You’re not doing it right! So I am going to grab the back of your head and force it down your throat until you’re  making the cute little gagging noise you do, I may even grab your nose for a split second to remind you who is in charge! Because I feel as if you forgot! Now who is your mistress? That is right I am! Now turn around and lay on the couch, while I push the side of your face into the cushion and pound you in your tight ass! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!
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50 Shades of MILF Phone Sex


Yes, I too read the BDSM novel 50 Shades of Gray. The domination and submission play of power between Christian and Anastasia was enough to bring goosebumps to my skin as I read through the book. It was so sexy. He had her in all sorts of compromising situations, but he never gave her the chance to deny him. He was her master, first and foremost. And she loved it. I know I would if I were ever in her position. Who wouldn’t want to be dominated, used, and abused by a hot man who is richer than God himself? I would love for someone who is in the mood to come and take me by force. Make me your little slut and do whatever you want with me. I want to feel like an object of your most carnal desires. All of your frustrations you can take out on me. I am tougher than I look! I promise I can take it… And I will do it willingly too. I will be such a good girl for my master, and do everything that is asked of me without ever daring to question him. I will dress up in sexy clothes around the house while I cook and clean and rub his feet for him during breakfast. And when he returns home from work to a clean house and a meal fit for a king, he will eat his fill of dinner and then eat his fill of me. And I will all too happily accept. Domination is fun for me to do on my good little sissies but sometimes mommy likes to be bent over and spanked like a whore! It’s wonderful, you must agree because I can see the look on your face now. Eying me like I am a piece of meat for you to sink your teeth into… I can’t say no!

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Sissy Slut for Mommy

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I am typically a submissive when it comes to sex, but there is something about a sissy slut that just does it for me! One of my favorite things to do is to have an obedient sissy boy that does whatever I tell him to without question! Despite my sweet demeanor, I won’t hesitate to throw you over my knee, pull your adult baby diaper down and give you several hard spankings if you misbehave! And if it takes you a while to learn your lesson, your ass will be red, hot to the touch, and singing for us by the time I’m through with you! Feminization can be so much fun for us if you are a good little sissy for me. I’ll put you in all of the finest dresses and shoes, and diapers galore! Toys and more will all be waiting for you here with me for when you’re ready to be a good little sissy girl.



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Pretty Little Switch Bitch

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I am a Woman who likes to be in Control. However, on occasion, I find myself in a mind to submit. For the right man, of course.

Do you have what it takes? To take Control, truly. To turn the tables and put me in a place of submission.

I’d like to see you try…

And maybe when your done, I can take back My Control and pull out a few tricks of my own.

Only limits are our imaginations. Talk to you soon,


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Silk stockings and Mommy Michelle’s fabulous legs

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I just love silk stockings and garters.  Nothing makes me feel sexier or more POWERFUL.

Especially when your down on your knees, quivering with anticipation. Begging for just one touch, one feel of that silky smooth heaven.

Will I allow you that touch? And if I do, will I allow you to go further?

Come closer my pet and show me how you will worship my divine legs. So long and lean. Perfectly muscled yet so soft, encased in all that silk.

I see your cock growing stiff at the thought of stroking your hands…and other parts, up and down. Lightly grazing my sweet spot as I smack your hand away and force you down onto the floor.

What will I do next? Can you stand the wait?



femdom dungeon play

In my femdom dungeon my slave’s beg for mercy but find there is none,

Each time they do not follow my order’s.

I make the suffering  he feel’s at the swat of my paddle even

sweeter as I humiliate him while making fun of how small and pathetic

his cock is.  What a silly slave actually trying to make his own decision’s.

I showed him my wraith and he showed me a broken shell of a man in return.

What a depraved little thing he is grabbing at him self like that in front of my domina

friend’s! I am excited to say he will behave now.



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