Pretty Little Switch Bitch

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I am a Woman who likes to be in Control. However, on occasion, I find myself in a mind to submit. For the right man, of course.

Do you have what it takes? To take Control, truly. To turn the tables and put me in a place of submission.

I’d like to see you try…

And maybe when your done, I can take back My Control and pull out a few tricks of my own.

Only limits are our imaginations. Talk to you soon,


888 430 2010

Voyeuristic submissive

Mistress does  know that Ian is watching me right now, I can feel his eye’s on me as I am stepping out of the shower.

I am toweling off  my ample breast’s he is in the back yard peeping at me through the curtain.

Getting so worked up he has his naughty little hand in his pant’s I am completely aware of my audience  keeping a close watch on me anytime I come home from a hard day at the dungeon I know I have certain sub’s like Ian that

just need to be near me no matter what as long as he stay’s far enough away I do not mind being watched.



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