Midget Elf Phone Sex Part 2!

“Honestly, I thought she was a mischievous elf who hitched a ride on the sleigh,” the old guy was saying. The sexy Dominate looking woman  was shaking her head. “Didn’t you notice the normal ears?”“Had no time to! She was about to take a bat to me. Cute little thing, though.” She looked you over as you tried to get your wits about you. “I think it is human.” You had enough. “Where the hell am I??” “Obviously you brought back a human child,” the woman told the man. “And one with a bad attitude at that!” You began yelling at that, demanding to know who they were, and threatening legal consequences for kidnapping. The old man looked at you bemusedly.  “I suppose this one needs one of your old-fashioned cures,” he said. “Yes, I think that will fix her right up!” “HER!? I’ll have you know I am a man, and…” suddenly you found yourself raised up in the air, hanging in front of them, apparently by no hands. “Man?” The old man laughed. “Hohoho!” He ran his hand through your long hair. “Cute features, no hair on your face or arms or legs, very small – skinny arms … no, you must be a little girl, not a little boy.”
“I’m not a little anything! I am an adult! Put me down!”  “Now see here, young lady. Santa brings presents to all the good little girls and boys. But MRS. Santa gives  Over The Knee spankings to all the naughty ones!” “SANTA? Are you crazy? There’s no…” Suddenly she reached out and tugged your pajama bottoms down, causing you to fall silent as they looked in surprise.  “Oh! Oops.” Santa looked at his wife. “Too late,” she said. “I already ordered up the outfit for a little girl. She’ll learn to live with it.” You then found yourself dressed in a short red velvet Christmas dress, and your hair in twin pigtails, tied up with green hair ribbons. White tights were on your legs, but they were presently down around your knees, and you were face down over Mrs. Santa’s lap!  “After we take care of this attitude adjustment, you will join the other little Sissy slave elves here,” you were told. “There are little boy and little girl elves – but you see, I already put you in the magical GIRL dress. It makes changes – like to your ears, and … er … other places.” The spanking began, bringing squeals and wiggles from you, as she also informed you, “Oh yes – and also, Elves wear diapers for the first quarter of their lives. Don’t worry …. it’s only another 200 or 300 years….” Call me for some Fetish Phone Sex!



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Punishment Phonesex

You crave a powerful phonesex domme. You tremble at the confidence of a beautiful women. You would do anything to serve a woman like me. I like to see men like you on their knees, begging for the opportunity to please my every want and desire. It’s about so much more than making sure my needs are met, it’s about knowing what is needed an expected from you. If your a true slave you will already know what I require without my asking. That is when I will know that you understand how important it is to serve me. I especially love sissy phonesex servants.. I enjoy dressing you in pretty things and showing you off to other domme mommies. We enjoy using you for our pleasure and amusement. Are you a true subservient slave? Then you will pick up the phone and call Miss Susan. I am perfection and you are not, you will understand your place after a call with me.



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Plastic Pants?

I’ve been asked this question a lot in the fetish phone sex community, and now I’m here to see what you guys think about it. Do you use plastic pants? I know some adult babies won’t go without wearing them at all. They need the feeling of comfort and security that comes with wearing a pair of plastic pants over your diaper. They don’t feel safe and secure without it, so you’ll always find them wearing it. Then you have the adult babies who don’t really like abdl plastic pants. They feel like it’s just too much between them and the diaper and they don’t like feeling bulky. They’re the ones who don’t mind a few leaks here and there throughout the day because if it happens, they can just change into a new diaper So what about you? Are you an adult baby who loves plastic pants? Or are you one of the ones who prefers not wearing them? Tell me all about it!



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Cuckolds For Ava

Hello my little cuckold phone sex bitch. Yeah that’s right I’m not going to call you my boyfriend or my husband. Your new name is bitch because that’s exactly what you are. A female dog because for one, that dick isn’t nearly big enough to be considered a dick, and two, you act like such a mutt. So bitch works perfectly. I’ll show you bitch though. Yeah you won’t be able to dry hump me blindly like I used to let you when I felt sorry for you. The only reason I even stay around now is for your paycheck. That still doesn’t stop me from fucking any guy I please to. You’re not giving me the pleasure so I have to sneak it from someone who can. Well it’s not a secret any more. You’re going to be my cuckold bitch now and I’m going to make you watch me get fucked by a big black cock with some good old emasculation phone sex



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Blackmailed By Crissy

I love how I can threaten men with black mail phone sex to get exactly what I want! I love seducing men into thinking they have a chance with me and willingly letting me con them out of all future pay checks! You just have to flash a cute little smile at them and get them to trust you just enough to open up and reveal to you  every little detail you need to hold over their head and threaten them into complying to your demands. Theres always at least one dirty little secret they don’t want getting out to the public so you just have to find out what it is and use it to get whatever it is you want out of them!  It can be anything from money and pampering all the way to completely dominating and controlling every aspect of their lives. You’ll become the spoiled rich bitch you always wanted to be with financial domination phone sex!
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Rough Bondage Phone Sex

Laying you down and attaching the rope bondage on each leg as your staring up at me with this look of excitement.and your growing very tiny cock i could barely even notice if you wasn’t naked!  So now i walk up by your head and put some cuffs on your wrists and I see you looking at me with fuck me eyes! Don’t worry your Mistress will get do that! Maybe! I put on your nipple clamps and grab a hold of a feather and run it up and down your belly in between your nipples down to your pathetic balls. Then I take and put some ball clamps on them. Then  take a hold of a very nice size vibrator and turn it on the medium speed and slide it on you just to teach you wittle cock and see you starting to wiggle I let up and walk over and grab more bondage and tighten it on you to keep you still! You better quit moving. Call me for some domination phone sex!



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Forced Bi Phone Sex With Ava

My friend J would always mention wanting to try sucking cock to me whenever we got together for lunch.He’d tell me it was all he thought about sometimes. But then he’d chicken out. So one day I get a call for some no limits phone sex and low and behold it was A on the phone! We did a kinky roleplay where I dragged him over to this guy we saw at a bar and said…”he wants to suck your cock!” The guy took A by the hand and led us to his car. He dropped his pants… and waited. A did nothing. So I started stroking the guy and guided his stiff rod into his mouth. I got so turned on watching him suck his cock that  I even decided to rub one out right there! What about you? I know you want the same to happen to you but you’re too chicken to do anything about it. Give me a call and I’ll be your mentor! You’ll be a pro at forced bi phone sex at no time!



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Domination fetish Phone Sex

Get down on your knees Sissy And I want you to walk up to each of your Mistresses and kiss their panties and I want you to  Thank them for what ever they want you to thank them for! And don’t rush when kissing their panties You crawl up to the girl and she wants you to say thank you for turning me in to a diaper dependant sissy! Please don’t make me say that you turn and ask She walks up to you and pulls down your adult  diaper and gives you 45 smacks on the bottom with the paddle! Now Say it! You start to slowly say it and then move on to the next girl Now I want you to say thank you for feminizing you You start to slowly repeat her! Call me for some Domination phone sex!
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