The Beautiful World of The BDSM Lifestyle



There is something absolutely beautiful in the bdsm lifestyle called kink bdsm and this bdsm sex with a twist.  It is the eccentric part of bdsm in which involves the various forms of power dynamics which entails the following:

Exhibitionism, which is when partners enjoy being watched by others. This can be done in a swingers club or a video call or even being exposed at a nude beach or other gathering where you get excited by others watching you – naked and having sex.

Voyeurism is sort of the opposite of exhibitionism but you get excited by watching others.  This is the equivalent of being some sort of a “peeping Tom” where you watch others in the sex act and at times it is either with or without their knowledge.

Sensation play is another kink in the bdsm world in which a person is deprived of a sense.  For example, if I blindfold you and you are not able to see what I am going to do to you that anticipation will be a turn on. If I decide to tickle you or apply something hot or cold on your body, by you not expecting it and just feeling the sensation that can drive you wild.

Impact play is one of my favorites as it has to do with utilizing my hands or an object to spank someone during sexual activity or roleplay and it is a turn on for us both.

Group Sex is another fun kink as it simply means that three or more is not a crowd, so the more in the bed the merrier. Why just have one to play with when you can have a multitude?

Role-playing is also the “creme de la creme” in which whatever the mind can imagine is what happens to be what we can pretend in our sexual activity.

Domination is beautiful and it is absolute empowerment and being able to utilize that wonderful gift of sexy domination in bdsm is absolutely wonderful. In this sexy world, there are so many opportunities to explore the most amazing sides of your sexuality and it affords many the opportunity to let go and give up responsibility and accountability and be a submissive and have a dominant take full control over their minds and their bodies.  This is a relationship dynamic that is built on trust and there is a “safe word” utilized if needed in the sex play if things get a little too wild and out of hand – the safe word is therefore a timeout from the role-play and/or the sexual activity.

I love this world as I was made for it and I would not want to be in a place without the kink of bdsm.  There are so many levels to explore and so many ways to let your hair and your guard down in order to become the free being that you were meant to be.  So get sexy and be ready to explore this amazing world, it is here for you to try, you just have to make the first step and call.

Mistress Morgan


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Cuckolds For Ava

Hello my little cuckold phone sex bitch. Yeah that’s right I’m not going to call you my boyfriend or my husband. Your new name is bitch because that’s exactly what you are. A female dog because for one, that dick isn’t nearly big enough to be considered a dick, and two, you act like such a mutt. So bitch works perfectly. I’ll show you bitch though. Yeah you won’t be able to dry hump me blindly like I used to let you when I felt sorry for you. The only reason I even stay around now is for your paycheck. That still doesn’t stop me from fucking any guy I please to. You’re not giving me the pleasure so I have to sneak it from someone who can. Well it’s not a secret any more. You’re going to be my cuckold bitch now and I’m going to make you watch me get fucked by a big black cock with some good old emasculation phone sex



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Diaper Boy Dreams


Why hello you naughty little diaper boy. Have you come to see Nanny Ella for some sweet, special attention? Well of course you have, this is the best place for that. Here nanny will lay you out on my changing table, ripping the tabs off your soaking wet diaper, pulling it down over your little bitty peepee…oh my, what a darling little peanut! Nanny will have to make sure that it’s all nice and clean down there. Mmmmmm I don’t know if that’s clean enough, is it? I guess there’s really only one way to find out; I’ll have to give your little teenie weenie a long, wet kiss, won’t I? Yes, just have to run my tongue up and down…and then let my lips close around your little willie, sucking on it gently. Oh my, nanny can tell how much you are enjoying this. That little peanut isn’t so little now is it? Mmm looks like a big boy cock to me. I guess now I’ll have to fix that…

Nanny Ella


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