Mistress Veronika’s Submissives Takes Her BDSM Kinky Sex All Week



Mistress Veronika is what my slaves call me and that is how it is always going to be. They are going to be with me til all of eternity and that is how it is going to be.  I enjoy having bdsm sex with my slaves, and this includes both men and women.  In the bdsm lifestyle kink bdsm is what I love to do.  Every day for me is a treat because I like to change things up and make it different every day.

On Monday, I decided to have an orgy with my submissives and I had them all lay in wait for me to enter my massive bedroom.  When I entered I had the men eat the women’s cunts and then the men eat the men and then the men eat the women.  I watched as I played with my pussy in front of their faces as they begged to taste my sweet cunt and I denied it to them.

One after the other my bdsm bottoms would sit at my feet and I would push my pretty painted toes into their mouths and they would have no choice but to suck and lick on my toes.  I would push my toes in and out of their mouths and at various points my slaves’ gag reflex would act up and they would start to choke on my feet.  I enjoy taking both of my feet and mushing my face between my feet and having them as a sandwiched in between as I jerk their faces off between my feet like if it were cocks trapped between my feet.

I have no problem pushing my big toe into their noses and also their ears and if I feel like giving them a quick kick that is exactly what I will do. And when I feel that my bladder is full and contains a lot of piss that is when I will have them line up on the floor as I walk over them and press my pussy across their lips and piss into their mouths.  My golden showers are precious and should not be wasted so there should not be a single drop that falls to the floor.  If by chance a submissive allows a drop to waste then they would be tied up and spanked thoroughly until my hand print is temporarily tattooed on their buttocks.

I love to laugh every time I hear their pleading and begging and I laugh at their expense because I always tell them that their pain is my pleasure and it is such a pleasure and joy to have them take this pain with honor and pride.  After all. if they are the true submissives as they claim then they will have no issues doing whatever I command and doing so at my request.

My slaves are here to worship me and that is always going to be the case, nothing else is going to change as long as these slaves remain loyal and remain in my life.

I know that you want to experience this bdsm lifestyle and when you call and speak to me you will find out exactly how beautiful this wonderful bdsm life can be.

Mistress Veronika


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Mistress Morgan Will Spread You Open And Fuck You With My Strap-On

slave girl


I brought over this young girl from overseas, who doesn’t speak much English.  I advertised for a live in maid and she was perfect for it.  I realized that what she advertised that she had experience with, was all pure and fucking bullshit. She could not cook or clean the way that she stated on her resume.  She dressed in barely there outfits and on occasion when I walked passed her closed-door bedroom at night, I could hear the bed shaking as she was obviously masturbating.  I planned to take advantage of her status and tell her that I was going to fire her so she could go back to her country unless she did exactly as told.

I used a translator tool on my phone to properly communicate with her and when I got to the part about taking her back to her country, she screamed, started crying and fell to her knees – begging me in her foreign language.  This was when I saw her looking pathetic on the floor when I started taking her clothes off.  She had a great body which included really nice tits and a beautiful pussy.  I had her naked beneath me as I stood above her and that was when I spat on her and kneed her in the fucking face.  She was shocked, but this was only the beginning – I was not done.  I pulled my panty off and rubbed it over her face so she could sniff my cunt, then I squatted over her face and pissed all over her mouth.  I made sure she swallowed all of my piss then I wiped my wet cunt off in her hair.

I dragged her by her hair to my dungeon and I placed her on a bed and put a spreader on her.  She was so panicked that she went along with anything I did out of fear of returning to her country. Vulnerable, naked and paranoid is exactly how I wanted her and she was beyond terrified. I had her watch me when I got into my 12 inch black dildo strap on and I did not use any lube, I spat on her ass, rubbed my spit into her asshole and rammed the dildo deep inside of her ass. She screamed so loud as she experienced my kink bdsm that I am convinced that it was heard in a 20 block radius and this excited me even more.  She was so scared that she started shitting while she was being anally raped and she could not do anything about it because she was in a spreader.

Tears ran down her face and I did not care. Every time I fucked her – I would use a paddle with spikes on her ass to smack her so hard that it left little bloody holes on her ass cheeks.  I made sure to paddle both of her cheeks to even everything out.  Eventually she she started to anally bleed as well because I tore her asshole with my rough rape fucking. I never sent her back to her country, I just locked her up til eternity and made her my forever bdsm lifestyle sex slave. Torture is a work of art and her naked and vulnerable body was my canvas.

Time for you to see experience bdsm sex with me so you can find out what it is like to be little pawn to my extreme bdsm.  Call me now you pathetic little fucker and let me destroy your asshole as well.

Mistress Morgan


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Pantyhose Domination Phone Sex Part 1

Get down on your hands and knees right now and worship my feet and legs if you even think you going to get close to your mistress’s wet pussy., I watch as you get down on your hands and knees. Oh my look at you on your hands and knees like a baby how pathetic see i know you’re not a man! What man would just get on his hand and knees like that? A real man is who gets my pussy not a sissy! Aww look at you crawling around kissing my feet butt ass naked lol and you still think you’re a man hahaha what a joke. Do you like my panty hose hm? I know you like the black nylon ones i like to wear hehe. Or would you rather be the one who is wearing them. I mean you might as well wear them because that’s the closest to my crotch as you’re ever going to get! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Mistress’s Human Toilet!

It’s time for you to serve your mistress by being my human toilet you filthy submissive whore! lay down so I can sit right over your mouth and pee right into your mouth straight through my panties and then just rub my urine soaked panties on your pathetic face. How would you like that hmm? You love they way my panties feel along your face don’t you? I know you do you little slut! After I am done I am just going to slept off my panties and slide on my nice sized strap on and fuck you like the slut you are! Spread apart you ass cheeks and ram my cock deep inside. As I am pounding your tight ass I and going to be grabbing your tiny balls and twisting them because after all you wanna be castrated don’t you?
Aww look at that face of pure pleasure! Call me for domination Phone sex!
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Phone Sex Cuckold Humiliation

I want you to get real close and watch while I fuck someone else in front of you, like the good cuckold phone sex bitch you are.  I want you to watch how a real man’s cock stretches out my pussy, makes it red and swollen and aching for just more cock.  I want you to look close and watch as my pussy juices slide and drip down his enormous fetish cock, making it slick and shiny.  You see how it’s even coating his thighs?  That is how turned a man can make a woman…that’s something you’ll never be able to do with that miniature penis you have. The only thing you’re good for is clean-up.  I’m going to let him cum inside me, and when we’re done I’m going to stand next to the bed with my leg up on the bed and I want you to kneel in front of me. I want you to put your mouth on my pussy and lick and suck every drop of cum from inside me.  You can’t fuck me like a man, but you can at least clear up the mess of one. Would you like to be treated like a pathetic cuckold? Call me for some domination phone sex!



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You’re All Ours Part 1


I know I invited you over to hang out with me and my friends tonight and to play pool or something, how ever My friends are on their way over. I will explain to you what will go on after they arrive. After they walk in I sit you down right in front of me and say “ Undress” You have a very confused look on your face on why I am telling you this! “Don’t just stand there looking at me I want you to put on a show for us you Little Slut! Get down on your knees now! The other girls walk up to you and start taking off all of your clothes. You start struggling and trying to push us away after we get your shirt off I take some rope and tie your hand in front of you! The take a ball gag and place it in your mouth and tightened! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!



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Look What You’ve Done!

311685_09I gave you a list of rules for you to follow and you leave and break them! Now come tell me what you have done! The rule you broke was no touching that extremely small penis of yours without asking me first! What shall we do about this? I think I know! Get down on your knees and start sucking on my strap-on. Make sure you get it nice and wet. You’re not doing it right! So I am going to grab the back of your head and force it down your throat until you’re  making the cute little gagging noise you do, I may even grab your nose for a split second to remind you who is in charge! Because I feel as if you forgot! Now who is your mistress? That is right I am! Now turn around and lay on the couch, while I push the side of your face into the cushion and pound you in your tight ass! Call me for some Domination Phone Sex!
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Learning to be a Sissy

sissy abdl adult baby diaper lover mommy milf phone sex role play taboo fetish

Well hello there, sweetie… If I had to guess by looking at that expression on your face, I would say that someone was interested in learning how to become the perfect little sissy slut for your favorite ABDL mommy. Awww… I knew I was right. Mommies always are! First thing, we need to get you out of those boyish clothes and slip you into something pretty! You will always wear the lovely dresses and ruffled panties that mommy buys for you. We are going to let your hair grow out to be long and beautiful so mommy can braid it. We are going all the way with your feminization, little one. Mommy is going to get you trained and well behaved. When we walk down the street, no one will even know that the little sissy clit between your legs used to be called a peepee! Be a good girl for mommy!




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