Mistress’s Human Toilet!

It’s time for you to serve your mistress by being my human toilet you filthy submissive whore! lay down so I can sit right over your mouth and pee right into your mouth straight through my panties and then just rub my urine soaked panties on your pathetic face. How would you like that hmm? You love they way my panties feel along your face don’t you? I know you do you little slut! After I am done I am just going to slept off my panties and slide on my nice sized strap on and fuck you like the slut you are! Spread apart you ass cheeks and ram my cock deep inside. As I am pounding your tight ass I and going to be grabbing your tiny balls and twisting them because after all you wanna be castrated don’t you?
Aww look at that face of pure pleasure! Call me for domination Phone sex!
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