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I’m always been asked this question by a number of submissive men who have called me for cuckold phone sex. “What is the ideal cuckold for you?” they would ask me. Well, that answer differs depending on the femdom you’re talking to. We all have our own preferences and tastes on what we picture to be the perfect cuckold. Me myself, I think that a cuckold should always be willing to participate whenever one of my lovers is over pleasuring me. He should be attentive and ready to provide any service I may ask of him. First off, he needs to get my lovers cock nice and hard for me because I don’t feel like doing all the work. He’ll also need to be willing to play clean up crew afterwards when my lovers are finished with me. He needs to be able to lick the cum out of my pussy. That is true submission and that’s what I require during a cuckold phone sex session.




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