A Trip To The Mall


“What was that you said”?  “Did you forget to address me as Mistress Janey again”?  Well now its time you paid for not using proper respect.  First off you are going to take off that  Bambino Bellismo diaper, yes the one you are wearing, the nice and wet one.  Next you are going to paddle yourself thirty times on each cheek.  Drop that diaper to the ground!  Now stick your face all in that freshly peed diaper.  Once that is done then the real fun will begin.  We will get you all nice and diapered again, but first let’s give you a nice enema with a penis shaped nozzle on the end.  That’s right we will just thrust that nozzle back and forth a bit and loosen that ass of yours.  Once you have that in you and you are nice and full we will get you diapered and put some nice pink plastic panties on you.  But wait we can’t have you going out in just that, so we will pick out a nice short purple dress with a yellow duckier on it from Binkies and Bows.  We will get some nice purple Mary Janes on your feet to match then it is off to the mall where I told all your friends to meet us and that you have something to tell them.  Don’t you think it’s time for you you to stop hiding who you really are to the world?  Call me for some Domination Phone Sex.



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