Domination Phone Sex With Ms. Ava

domination phone sex

You know what the best kind of taboo phone sex mommy is? Well domme mommies of course! Sure it may be fun to have a nurturing loving mommy to take care of you but is she really going to be able to discipline you when the time comes? She may go a little soft on you because of her loving nature. So you wouldn’t really be able to learn your lesson! That’s where fem dom mommies like me come in. I will be the mommy who encourages the idea of tough love through punishment and discipline. You’ll know nothing gets past me especially when you’ve done something very naughty! I will dominate, humiliate, emasculate and even sissify you if it comes down to it! You need to learn your lesson so you don’t think you can get away with being such a naughty boy. Once I’m through with you you’ll be on your best behavior because you know I won’t let you get away with being naughty because you know you’ll be punished through domination phone sex!



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