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I know that you would make a good little cum slut for your phone sex mistress.  And you know it too, don’t you?  You fantasize about being on your knees, begging so prettily for the massive cocks that you want to stretch you out. You dream of your throat being coated in cum, of having it leak out of the corners of your mouth when you can’t swallow anymore. You want your jaw to ache, your to be lips raw from friction, throat sore from being pounded into, over and over again.  Your ass will burn, from being so well-used.  Cum will pour out of it, trickling down your thighs, collecting in a small puddle between your sore knees. You will be a bundle of pain, aches, and soreness…and you would ask for more. More to fill you, use you, make you cry out loud. Will it be pain, pleasure, or both? How would you like some domination phone sex like this? Call me, and tell me how you would beg like the phone sex cum slut you want to be.



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