Dr. Janey’s Office Part 2


Time for Your Second Visit! You know the routine, go to room 3 get undressed. Put on Your robe, I am going to wash my hand and place my gloves on and be right in there. I walked into the room and see your sweet submissive self sitting on that examine table. I walk over to you, have you roll over to crawl position to take your temperature, you’re going to feel my touch as I spread your ass-cheeks apart and slide in the the thermometer. Uh-oh! It’s a little high so let me go and grab the tylenol and give you a couple to help with the fever. I Am going to Ask you to sit up all the way to the end of the table and have your testicles and chastity device hanging off the end of the table.I am going to take off the the chastity device, you’re going to feel a pinch when I apply the needle. Remember once The medicine starts working you will start working you will start feeling weaker, more stupid. And always remember I am in full control!! Call me for some domination Phone Sex !



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