One thing that gets me so horny is being a cock tease. I love having a man completely at my disposal, tied up and helpless while I dance like a filthy whore and touch my whole body while he can’t do anything but look. Dancing to slow, sensual music, barely dressed, only in a black lacy lingerie set, completely dominating the helpless man beneath me. I slowly slide the straps down my shoulders, reach one hand behind my back and unhook the bra and let it fall to the ground as the man I’m straddling attempts to push his hips up and moans in lust. I then move up his body until my pussy is right above his face. I slide my panties to the side and show him how horny and soaked through my panties are. I then slide back down his body down until my pussy is hovering above his cock, and stop teasing the helpless man beneath me and slide down his thick, hard, cock. I have such a fetish for having dominating sex with helpless men.




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