Forced Enema Phone Sex

How would you feel about me holding you down, and giving you a phone sex enema? Because I feel like that is exactly what you need.  You can fight all you want, but I will hold you down so that I can pull your pants and underwear. I will sit down and place you over my knees, bent over just like the submissive little boy you are.   You may continue to struggle a bit, but that will be when I take the paddle I have on the table next to me and swat that bottom of yours till it red, and achy and you aren’t fighting me anymore!   Once you’ve learned your lesson, I will put the paddle down and pick up the nozzle connected to the enema bag.  I’ll tease the tip past your stinging cheeks, and slowly push it past the tight muscles of your ass to slide inside you. Once it’s all the way in, I will release the clamp on the tube and start to squeeze the soapy enema inside you, and you can’t help but start to get hard as the pressure builds inside you! I would love to tell you what happens next! Call me for some enema domination phone sex!



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