This is a poem I found I liked it.
S&M Dream
I curse him for his seductive power
I crave his touch and sexual shower
looks me up and down and drinks me in
He takes my mouth and makes me sin

I fall to my knees he’s in control
I lick my lips and take him whole
Hungry for his hard erection
Desperate for love and affection

I please his body, to own his mind
Treats me badly just to be kind
Giving into his sexual fire
So I can be all he’ll desire

Caught up in this naked vanity
My only goal, to fulfill a fantasydominav
Dragging me into his lair
Forced to my knees, he grips my hair

Painful thrusts as he enters my seam
He’s just a player in my S&M dream



slave on the Crux decussata

I keep your hands bound to your side invoking the sweetest of femdom tactics Tease and denial.

Your tied and bound to the x-cross or the  Crux decussata a very fun way to keep you in your place.You are

nude & your completely immobilized

unable to get your hands to your puny little peepee to satisfy your dirty little needs.

Feeling all the poking and torturous playing I am doing with my many s/m tools of the trade your body’s  first reaction is to flinch from the riding crop I am prodding and marking you with but you can not resist the pleasure growing inside you. I take your cock in my gloved hand and twist and taunt it til your screaming for release but there is none to had as I keep denying you any.

You want to cry out at how good it feels to be used and abused by me & all my toys of sweet uncomfortable pleasure you try not to give into your most darkest of thoughts that its your meaning in life to be degraded by me ,made to bend yourself to my every whim.

I bet your trying to think of ways as you read this to feed the powerful force that is vicious Mistress Veronika.



audio for slaves

It’s been a good night. I just finished up an audio session for a phone slave of mine. He said he needed a little push inbetween sessions, some way to feel close to his owner. I think this is the perfect way. When he goes to sleep he can pop in his file on his laptop and hear me reminding him of his position and his slavery. In case you were curious I do audio recordings of all kinds. Femdom and fetish stories, hypnosis audio, assignments, fantasies a little of everything. Contact me if you’d like to know more.

Mistress Veronika

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