public humiliation

After a lot of thought I believe public humiliation is the best course of action for one of my subs. Some of you have suffered this form of punishment with me and know I like to make my subs get creative and advertise their wrong doings. So this boy is ordered to make a T-Shirt to wear to the strip club on his next business trip. What should the message on it be though? I’ve been letting my domme friends vote on this one. It has to be something to let the women know that not only is he a serial masturbater he also can’t keep from squirting after a very short period of time. He’s failed at a few tease and denial sessions with me by not being able to hold out as long as I ordered him to. Maybe the cumboy will even be so good as to photograph his new shirt.

Mistress Veronika


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audio for slaves

It’s been a good night. I just finished up an audio session for a phone slave of mine. He said he needed a little push inbetween sessions, some way to feel close to his owner. I think this is the perfect way. When he goes to sleep he can pop in his file on his laptop and hear me reminding him of his position and his slavery. In case you were curious I do audio recordings of all kinds. Femdom and fetish stories, hypnosis audio, assignments, fantasies a little of everything. Contact me if you’d like to know more.

Mistress Veronika

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