cbt Goddess

Your cock and your balls are nothing more than toys for me to torture and play with. Your body and especially your cock and balls exist for my sadistic pleasures. Will you submit to my wishes and allow me to crush your delicate testicles and your sensitive cock? Will you give yourself to your sadistic Mistress so that she can burn, smash, bind up, cut, and even squish your manhood? In case you don’t know me I am into CBT big time. I’m the type of cruel Mistress who will put her lit cigarette to your balls and smile as you squirm away in ropes or cuffs.

Phone Mistress Veronika


a nice gag


Want to be useful to ladies in this way? To have something like this strapped to you so you would be a waiting toilet slave? Read more

Mistress Veronika

be bare


For many reasons I prefer for my subs to have smooth , hairless genitals. This is not just a rule for my sissies, but for all subs that belong to Me. I have been known to remove hair in not so pleasant ways when a boy didn’t follow my orders. If you look online for personal shavers you will find products to help you out with this.

Mistress Veronika

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