A hypno pet

I have been working with a phone slave over a few months with hypnosis. The one suggestion I have had the most fun giving him is one that gives him the sensation of me feeding on him as a vamp. Now when we talk and I say the trigger words he begins to moan and his voice trembles as he tells me he belongs to me. Of course you do pet. He has described the sensation of one of a warm tingling pulling feeling at his wrist and sometimes his throat. I’m into hypno domination of all sorts though, not just this fetish. What kind of hypno pet would you be?

Mistress Veronika

a nice gag


Want to be useful to ladies in this way? To have something like this strapped to you so you would be a waiting toilet slave? Read more

Mistress Veronika

be bare


For many reasons I prefer for my subs to have smooth , hairless genitals. This is not just a rule for my sissies, but for all subs that belong to Me. I have been known to remove hair in not so pleasant ways when a boy didn’t follow my orders. If you look online for personal shavers you will find products to help you out with this.

Mistress Veronika

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