Castration fetish

What a dirty mind Dan has. He think’s about being caught by a crew

of wild knife wielding women that only wear leather. Once they have him they

take him to a dimly lit room & force him to his knee’s strip him bare, blindfold him then hold him down.

One very twisted girl with rough hand’s yank’s his cock out & he beg’s her to slice it off . She cut’s as the other

lady’s cheer her on.  Razor sharp she makes small slice’s then stop’s and laugh’s wickedly as she kiss’s the cut’s.

As the voice’s get louder Dan is fully hard as he feel’s the final slice & scream’s in such sweet pain.




I hold dominance with my eye’s.

One look from me and I have you on your knee’s

more than wanting to please. You will fall under my spell and if you cross

me you will know a level of discipline you never imagined even in the worst

of your pathetic nightmare’s.

Give into your dark depraved,devious side and serve your mysterious dark mistress!

I can feel you’r growing urge to come and be used by me come and be my toilet,foot stool

in darkness I will make you moan with both pain and pleasure.

You will be my plaything and I your puppet master.



Hardcore Humiliation Phone Sex

Mistress Morgan

You keep asking yourself why you call Me, why do you feel the need to do so, when all you are in for is Hardcore Humiliation.  I hear your voice on the phone and My immediate reaction is to laugh.  Laugh at your pathetic attempts to get Me to care for you on some level.  Which, both you and I know, will never happen.

To Me you are nothing, you are a worthless, you are a pig, a speck of dust, a shit stain on a pair of your unwashed under-ware. I abuse you until you cannot take it anymore.  You whine and complain, just like the little girl faggot you are.  You feel ashamed, always telling yourself that you will never call again. And then, you get angry at yourself for giving in one more time.

I’m not worried, I know that I am the only thing that brings light into your sad life. You live in complete and utter dirt, you have nothing without Me.  Even though My voice and words cut you to the core, you cannot be without Me. Day after day, like a sheep you go to work at an unsatisfying job, all your friends are hooking up, and there you are, alone, wacking off in the comfort of your raggedy assed chair. Nobody wants you, but then you think of Me. And even though you have to pay Me, at least it’s something. You do realize though, that the only thing you will ever get from Me is Hardcore Humiliation, and never any comfort or concern, because after all, you mean nothing.

Mistress Morgan


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