Femdom domination

I have ventured many times into the realm of femdom domination it is one of my many talents.

This time I had a treat for my servant we were going out tonight so I could indulge in some

erotic public humiliation. I took my slave Kassie to this very crowded goth club called Voltaire.

We were both dressed in black pvc and she was collared and leashed being led by me.

I made her do tricks on the dance floor like rolling over and dancing for a puppy treat. All the people

were watching us they seemed very entertained by us. They started to point and laugh and I walked right over to

this couple that were pointing & handed them Kassie’s  leash letting them know they could do whatever they wanted with her as soon as I did this the doors to the club closed everyone waited this is always how it goes here great place to bring a slave for some erotic public displays.

so they took her to the middle of the dancefloor & tied her to a chair using some scarves they

had with them and then the guy unhooked the front of Kassie’s corset and started to fingering her nipples

she said”permission to moan please Master?” He looked into her eye’s  & said “Granted.”

He continued his nipple play with one hand and reached under her skirt with the other then pulled her panties down to her ankles.

to be continued…

Vicious Veronika


Hardcore Humiliation Phone Sex

Mistress Morgan

You keep asking yourself why you call Me, why do you feel the need to do so, when all you are in for is Hardcore Humiliation.  I hear your voice on the phone and My immediate reaction is to laugh.  Laugh at your pathetic attempts to get Me to care for you on some level.  Which, both you and I know, will never happen.

To Me you are nothing, you are a worthless, you are a pig, a speck of dust, a shit stain on a pair of your unwashed under-ware. I abuse you until you cannot take it anymore.  You whine and complain, just like the little girl faggot you are.  You feel ashamed, always telling yourself that you will never call again. And then, you get angry at yourself for giving in one more time.

I’m not worried, I know that I am the only thing that brings light into your sad life. You live in complete and utter dirt, you have nothing without Me.  Even though My voice and words cut you to the core, you cannot be without Me. Day after day, like a sheep you go to work at an unsatisfying job, all your friends are hooking up, and there you are, alone, wacking off in the comfort of your raggedy assed chair. Nobody wants you, but then you think of Me. And even though you have to pay Me, at least it’s something. You do realize though, that the only thing you will ever get from Me is Hardcore Humiliation, and never any comfort or concern, because after all, you mean nothing.

Mistress Morgan


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