blood play

Could it be the intensity of the burn as the razor slice’s your inner thigh.

Perhaps you get off on the way it feel’s as the blood is flowing from a fresh cut

making roses bloom onto the soft white sheet.

You watch me as I methodically carve your new nick name into your leg

blood bitch,my dirty whore is what you are to  me.

depraved by design you struggle to focus on the light that is slowly fading

just as you lose conciousness you feel a new sting as I burn the cut and close it off.

It is not gonna be over anytime soon,you scream as I tear the cut open with blade.

I pull the knife away & it is slick and red ,last thing you see as you faint.

Mistress Veronika


A very SexyDomination

A very sexydomination to all my readers, I hope you have a viciously delicious day and come to me for

an even more vicious night! I had the displeasure of having a rather nasty not so submissive slave in my care last night.

He was a biter when I was placing the gag in his dirty little wormy lips. I planned some bondage play for my bad slave, first  I smacked him hard on his big belly  with my leather strap,

and he begged for my forgiveness. I tightened the straps on his black heavy cuffs and my riding crop found its way to punishing his knobby little nipples .  My slave tried to so hard to hide his miniscule man parts and my sharp clamps snapped down on his saggy old balls and I also put one on the shaft of his cock.

“I know you have been thinking all about that pretty 21 year old college girl with the long legs and the great tits that

lives across the street from you, that likes to undress in front of an opened window in just the right light.” I teased him. Poking him with my fingernails in the side as I spoke.

“That is right,let your tiny dick try to push against that clamp as if you can!”  I said  “mmmm-hmm”

“You dirty, old man you, She does not even know your alive, she wants a muscely football player someone who knows what to do with a sexy girl like her”! I kept goading him, slapped him with my gloved hand and prodded him the end of my crop. “She has no need of a fat, old whelp like you,your so pathetic!!” I said

He started to cry… I laughed” See, pathetic!”




kidnap roleplay

After a long week I was just looking for someone to abduct and use. I had met M at the bar a few times, and he was nice and everything. I had to put his niceness out of my mind though because he was coming with me. As I got dressed in my black bra and panties and black leather dress I knew he wouldn’t be able to pass up leaving the bar with me. I slipped my shiny sharp knife into my boot and headed off to meet him.

We talked a little bit and before I knew it we were walking back to my car. It was too easy, he didn’t even realize he was being abducted and that he wouldn’t be let go as easily as he came. Within the hour he was getting his clothing cut off of him and put into brown pantyhose and a pair of panties. Very shortly after I got him alone I was gagging him with a rolled up bandana and telling him he was screwed and had to do as I said. My fingers moved over his sensitive nipples and pinched them, pulled them finally biting them.

I love the games we play

Mistress Veronika


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