kidnap roleplay

After a long week I was just looking for someone to abduct and use. I had met M at the bar a few times, and he was nice and everything. I had to put his niceness out of my mind though because he was coming with me. As I got dressed in my black bra and panties and black leather dress I knew he wouldn’t be able to pass up leaving the bar with me. I slipped my shiny sharp knife into my boot and headed off to meet him.

We talked a little bit and before I knew it we were walking back to my car. It was too easy, he didn’t even realize he was being abducted and that he wouldn’t be let go as easily as he came. Within the hour he was getting his clothing cut off of him and put into brown pantyhose and a pair of panties. Very shortly after I got him alone I was gagging him with a rolled up bandana and telling him he was screwed and had to do as I said. My fingers moved over his sensitive nipples and pinched them, pulled them finally biting them.

I love the games we play

Mistress Veronika


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