Horse play

Cum on now little Whore be a good horsey and show me your prance!

Very nice now ya dumb twat lick that cock I mean sugar cube, Ooh

making a silly noise hmm does it taste bad?

You really think you deserve my concern, you feel I should care if you are

suffering? Bad,Bad Whoresy ! You will get on your knee’s and you will take

your consequence’s like a good slave should!

My riding crop is ready to mark your bare ass hold still or I will bind

your hoove’s!





Diaperslave Bill be still!

If you enjoy the sting of my crop keep misbehaving

and the lashing will not stop.

Down on your knee’s and willing to please is where you belong,

stop the whimpering or I will ball gag you faster then you can

say “Yes Mistress.”

You are this close to being ordered to scrubbing my toilet with

your toothbrush and sleeping in the kennel as a reminder of all your


You will learn your lesson or cry trying.



sissy takes a strap on

Sissy take your strap on like a good slut.

Bend over and show me your pink hole I know just

what I have to do. Grab your ankle’s and tell mistress

how hard you wanna be pounded, very nice now beg me for

more kinky fuckery. Such a naughty sissy you did not double diaper

now you have gone and made such a mess out of the dress after I finished

your strap on training. tsk tsk guess it’s time for more punishment.



Spanking fetish

Big bare breasted mommies breastfeeding you as I spank your ass until it is blistered red.

This will teach you a lesson for looking at the naughty picture’s of cheerleader’s all tied up and topless.

What was that you said you wanted us to humiliate you even more than we already have disciplining you

in front of your sow of a wife and making her play with her hairy pussy? I suppose that I will take your request

of more punishment’s in consideration as I spank you harder. You are such a sorry excuse for a man pathetic!




Greg you just need to stay in that pink dress and take your medicene.

ohh, is little sissy gonna cry ? My big black paddle will teach you a lesson

to never think you are able to get away with looking at the naket ab girl’s site.

What, you thought u would not get caught ? No chance in escaping your fate of

severe discipline I am alway’s aware of the dirty thing’s you try and hide.

Bend over now and be ready for your medicene aka my big blue strap-on.



cbt mistress

Here you are to see your Mistress once again for the same delectable discipline.

Clothing is to be removed every stitch, no talking as I prepare to break the very will you

believe you possess. Now is the time when you will feel just how dark your depravity will force you to go,

I see you are enjoying the view my sweaty slave, watching me as I come toward you my body encased in black

pvc and silver tipped stiletto heel’s can you guess what I plan to do with them?

I will crush your worthless worm of a cock between my ankles now commence with your pitiful scream’s they comfort me as I work my black magic pain techniques.



This submissive sissy

This submissive sissy loved to play with cock,

small one’s ,big ,thick even long one’s too he really learned all he needed

one night with me.

I slipped on my big silver strap-on and taught him just how to worship cock.

He got on his knee’s and wrapped his lips around it making sure not to forget

to play with my ball’s too.

What a very well trained sissy he is and I just bet he is out their right now

taking cock in his pretty pink puckered hole. He left my place walking a bit awkwardly as well

maybe I will take picture’s next time. hehehe



cock locked

Mike is cock locked cause he mis-behaved the dirty whore!

I caught him going in my pantie drawer and he wore my favorite black silk one’s.

So I forced him in a cock cage and made him wear mit’s so he could not play at all.

I just bet mike was wishing for a play pal when he was having his naughty little slave time out.

I made sure he felt my paddle that night and he never forgot either when he got the urge to pantie

play he decide his time was better spent fantasizing about me in my black teddy and my strap on.



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