This submissive sissy

This submissive sissy loved to play with cock,

small one’s ,big ,thick even long one’s too he really learned all he needed

one night with me.

I slipped on my big silver strap-on and taught him just how to worship cock.

He got on his knee’s and wrapped his lips around it making sure not to forget

to play with my ball’s too.

What a very well trained sissy he is and I just bet he is out their right now

taking cock in his pretty pink puckered hole. He left my place walking a bit awkwardly as well

maybe I will take picture’s next time. hehehe



mistress messy playtime


I have many memorable night’s and enjoy every minute of it!

This was a very dirty playtime I had with Jason he was so excited to get messy with me.

He walked in and was instantly ready to do my bidding, down on his knees he crawled to me

and immediately messed in his big cloth diaper. I walked up next him and put my heel on his back

pushing him to the ground you sicken me with your filth! He shook and shuddered apologizing

profusely for smelling so horrid. You will stay in that dank horrendous mess and you will do your chores

around my playroom is that clear? Mistress it is so uncomfortable I am sorry I reek can I please do the chores

with no diaper? Absolutely not as a matter of fact you will also wear a diaper on your head as you work.

Get to it you pitiful fowl thing!




Your Goddess Your Mistress

Your Goddess,Your Mistress.

Come to me ,worship me  I am your godess

your every breath is only to serve my every want.

You will know utter obedience at the end of my leash,

stretched out in front of me you still insist on having dirty thought’s.

Telling me about watching your neighbor shower at night,you know

you must be punished for this. Take your lash’s from my crop across your

back without wincing and I may give you a glimpse of what else your godess Mistress is

capable of. You are a horrible excuse for a man!



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