mistress messy playtime


I have many memorable night’s and enjoy every minute of it!

This was a very dirty playtime I had with Jason he was so excited to get messy with me.

He walked in and was instantly ready to do my bidding, down on his knees he crawled to me

and immediately messed in his big cloth diaper. I walked up next him and put my heel on his back

pushing him to the ground you sicken me with your filth! He shook and shuddered apologizing

profusely for smelling so horrid. You will stay in that dank horrendous mess and you will do your chores

around my playroom is that clear? Mistress it is so uncomfortable I am sorry I reek can I please do the chores

with no diaper? Absolutely not as a matter of fact you will also wear a diaper on your head as you work.

Get to it you pitiful fowl thing!




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