Back To School

man-itch-butt-poop (1)So you come into my classroom with a massive boner? And you think Mrs. Tawny Wouldn’t notice? How Dare YOU! Now come here and bend over my desk! Omg Did you just Shit yourself? LOL Omg What A BABY! HAHA, What am I going to do about this? In about five mins lunchtime will be over and the whole class will be back in here! And they will see what a mess you have mad! Good, Maybe I will let them see it! And they will see what a baby you are!! Or, I can lock the door and start the class a few mins late, and  you can worship my entire body from my feet all the way up to my perfect breasts? It’s your choice to make, either the whole school will find out you crapped your pants like a little bitch, or you can well. You know put that boner to work. If you get what I mean. Your choice. Call me for some fetish phone sex!
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