Crissy Loves Submissive Losers

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Are you a naughty submissive phone sex lover? Do you think being a good boy will get you anywhere closer to fucking me? Dream on loser! I’m the brattiest, bitchiest, most demanding fem dom you will meet and you need to do a lot of ass kissing and sucking up to get anything out of me. But of course that doesn’t mean that I won’t be a tease and use you for my own pleasure and keep denying you of your own sexual gratification. As a matter of fact it gets my pussy soaked just thinking about how much your cock aches as I’m giving you blue balls! A worthless slave like you doesn’t deserve to cum. I’ll lock that cock in a chastity belt before I let you touch it. I’ll turn you into my cuckold phone sex bitch in a blink of an eye!



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