Mother May I?


I stand before you dressed in my black garters, sheer black bra and black leather boots, my big black strap on cock is dangling between my thighs like a treat. “Crawl to me on your knees like the little sisi lala pussy boy you are. Now kneel and beg for your treat. Lick My boots up and down and then maybe I’ll let you suck my cock.
You are dressed in my little pink boy short panties. Your little cock is having trouble staying inside your panties. I can see your precum already threw the sheer fabric. “YOU are such a worthless slut, I don’t remember giving you my permission to get a hard on!” SLAP…your cheek stings from the force of my hand and now even you know that you’re going to be punished for letting your little clitty get hard….tsk tsk tsk poor sissy is in for it now……

Mistress Morgan Le Fay
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